Reliving my youth

From my mom’s perspective…

Today I took the twins to get pictures in the bluebonnets (it’s a Texas thing). I’ve been battling them both on keeping their shoes on for weeks now and today was no exception. Despite the mud and grass, they both refused to wear their shoes (N always gives me a funny look when I get annoyed with this, since I hate wearing shoes too). I finally just gave up and let them run around barefoot. After an hour of taking photos and chasing kids I was just trying to gather them together and pack up the car when I turned and saw Lucas standing in an ant bed, covered in ants. I ran to him immediately and started brushing/slapping the ants off his feet and legs (getting them on me in the process). Eventually I got them all off (Lucas was crying, of course), then took him to the car where I had a bottle of water that I could pour over his feet and hopefully give him a little relief. His feet looked AWFUL and I felt so bad. šŸ˜¦

Thankfully, one of the moms that was there with us had some cortisone cream that I was able to put on his feet right away. I also called the pediatrician’s office and talked to a nurse who said to give him benadryl as well. Amazingly, he seems to be doing okay. He still has about a million welts on his feet and legs, but they don’t seem to be bothering him as far as I can tell, thank goodness. I haven’t actually given him any benadryl yet because we when we finally made it home I put him straight to bed for his nap. I know that benadryl helps most people sleep, but not my kids. They have the complete opposite problem. They bounce off the walls. So I think I’ll save it for after he wakes up…

I said reliving my youth because when I was 2 years old, I stood in an ant pile and my feet were covered in bites. My mom says she can still remember it vividly. My sister ran inside (yes, at 2 years old I was outside with just my 5 year old sister) and told her that I had ants on me. When my mom ran outside she said she was shocked to see me standing IN the ant bed crying. She tried to hose them off, but they wouldn’t come off until she took me in and wiped them off with a wash cloth. She said she got some bites herself in the process (so did I, when cleaning off Lucas). Because of my heart issues, my pediatrician decided to treat me with antibiotics due to the sheer number of bites. To this day I still have scars on my feet from those ants. Thankfully, I only remember the story and not the actual event. So I’m pretty confident that if Lucas has any scars, they will only be on his feet, and psychological scarring. šŸ˜‰



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2 responses to “Reliving my youth

  1. jadine

    Oh man. The first thing I thought of (the VERY FIRST THING!) when I read you took them in the bluebonnets without shoes, was “Nooooooo! ANTS!!” I thought that, not because I’m so smart, but because we did the same thing with my oldest. Texas ants are just mean. Also? Benedryl jacks my kids up like Mountain Dew, too. Anyhoo, (woohoo! 4 “oo”s in a row!) pretty kids, and pretty bunny šŸ™‚

    • Oddly enough, the ant pile wasn’t actually IN the bluebonnets. It was by a tree a few yards away from the bluebonnets. And I’d just seen the pile and picked up Kyla to move her away when I heard Lucas scream and looked back and he was covered. šŸ˜¦ At least he doesn’t seem to be bothered, even if his foot does look polka-dotted.

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