Swim Lessons

The twins’ Papa (my FIL) loves to swim and really wants them to like the water too, so for Christmas he gave them money for swim lessons. Today was the first of four sessions.

When we got there, both kids were excitedly shouting “Wa-wa! Wa-wa!” as walked around the pool. They were both even trying to get closer to it as we listened to the instructor explain how to get into the pool with the kids. Once we got the go-ahead, N got into the pool and I handed them both to him, then got in myself. At that point I noticed that Lucas was no longer happy about the “wa-wa.” He was in tears, while his sister grinned from ear to ear. I took Lucas from N and he wrapped his arms and legs around me in a death grip. As we moved through the movements the instructor took us through, he continued to cling and cry. If I even attempted to remove his arms from around my neck he went more ballistic. It was crazy.

first swim lesson

At one point N and I managed to switch kids and the difference was amazing. Kyla was loving every minute. It was a struggle just to keep her from trying to pull away from me! She was a bit apprehensive at laying back with her ears in the water, but loved blowing bubbles and even being submerged for half a second at a time. I’d blow in her face, dip her under, and she’d come up with a huge grin.

Submerged Kyla

The only thing Lucas did willingly and Kyla fought us on was the lesson on how to get out of the water! It was kind of funny. Before the instructor even finished explaining the steps to getting out of the water (there are three, apparently), Lucas was out. Kyla refused. I did manage to get her to do it once, but she was back in before her feet had even hit the ground. We joked that they each had their strengths. Lucas screamed the whole time we were IN the water, and Kyla screamed when we made her get OUT!

Lucas's strength

Tonight in the bath tub I tried to remind them of what they’d done at their swim lesson. I told them to blow bubbles, and I even got them to lay back in the water. Amazingly, even Lucas was enjoying it. Of course, I’m sure the size of the body of water was a huge factor in his comfort level. I’m anxious to see how they react next week. I’m sure Kyla will still love it, but I’m hoping Lucas will be at least a little less freaked.


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