Muffin Tin Friday?

We weren’t home on Monday, so it wasn’t possible to do a Muffin Tin Meal that day. And the rest of the week has been crazy as far as meals go, so I thought it wasn’t going to happen at all this week. But lunch today seemed to beg to be served in a muffin tin, so I went with it. We’d just been to the store, so we had all kinds of fresh fruit to enjoy!

Muffin Tin 3

Apples, bananas, cheese/squash, dip, turkey lunch meat, strawberries (clockwise from top left)

Please forgive the awful picture. The kids were biting at my heals trying to get to them and I didn’t have time to take more than one shot.

As for how it went over… I’d say super! I think the only things that didn’t get eaten were the squash (which I kind of figured, but I was cutting it up for me and thought I’d throw some in for them) and Kyla’s turkey (that girl just doesn’t go for meat if there are other options). The “after” pic looks like they didn’t eat their strawberries, but that was actually their second helping. Kyla was insistent on having more and of course, whatever Kyla wants, Lucas wants!

Finished 3

Lucas's on the left, Kyla's on the right

Something that I observed today that I thought was interesting is how each tin ends up looking at the end. Lucas always moves his food around to different cups and mixes them all together. Kyla, on the other hand, keeps her food in their separate cups, and when she asks for more of something, she points to the cup it had been in. We’ve noticed in the past that she likes for things to be in their “place” (except for toys, of course 😉 ) and this is no exception. I guess she’s going to be slightly more “type A” than her brother. LOL

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