22 Months

Can you believe my babies will be two in only two months?! I know I can’t! When I look back at pictures from even a month ago, I see so many changes in them! They’re growing so fast and I wish I could slow it down. I guess maybe that’s why I’ve been taking so many pictures. I want to freeze these memories so that I can hold onto them forever.

So, here’s our latest update:


Some days are better than others. We’ve been sitting in their room with them the last month or so in an effort to keep Lucas in his bed. However, I’m now starting to wonder if we’re actually perpetuating the problem, instead of helping. Yesterday and today I left the room out of frustration and they ended up going to sleep on their own. Not sure if it’s coincidence or if he’s now ready to stay in his bed without us being in there. We’ll see how tonight goes.

>>It’s tonight now. And they stayed in bed without us sitting in there! Woohoo! Now here’s praying it will continue!

My sister was telling me that her son sleeps on the nap mat he uses at school when they go out of town now. It got me wondering if something like that would help our kids sleep better when they aren’t at home. My mom bought us two nap mats and I rolled them out for the kids to nap on for the first time today. They first wanted them on the floor, then the bed, then the floor, then the bed… I finally told them that was that and left the room. I’m hoping it will get easier.

Language & Communication

Both kids are starting to put together multi-word sentences. Kyla more than Lucas, for the most part, but they’re both doing great! Lucas still sounds like he’s saying the same thing for almost everything (all names sound like “mama”), but you can see that he really knows what he’s wanting to say. Kyla’s been very talkative the last week or so, jabbering in her own language like we should know what she’s talking about. And she’s now got facial expressions added to her repertoire. I was talking to her about “happy” and “sad” and showed her how to make a face for each of them. Then I added “surprised” and “angry.” She’s so funny when she makes the faces. It backfired on me the other day, though, because when I said “You’re making me angry” she made the angry face and I almost lost it! LOL My mom really loved her facial expressions and had to show them to everyone any chance she could get.

Happy face

Happy Face

Surprised Face

Surprised Face

Lucas Suprised Face

Lucas can do it too!

Lucas has started singing along with the music, or singing songs he knows (in his own way) in the bathtub. It’s so cute! I really love it when he sings “Great Day” from Fresh Beat Band.

A lot of people have been asking me if my twins talk to each other like the YouTube video of twin boys that’s been going around. My answer is definitely yes. They talk to each other all the time and I have no clue what they are saying. They crack each other up and seem to love having “inside jokes.” And there are times when they seem like they are communicating without even saying a word. It’s a little creepy. 😉

Gross Motor

Walking/running continue to improve. Though, of course, they still get clumsy when they are tired. Lucas loves to dance, “jump,” march, shake, etc. If you say “loco legs” both of them will immediately start shaking their legs all around. Hehe!

They’ve also been throwing things a lot. On the one hand, it’s great that they are developing this gross motor skill, but on the other hand, they are throwing things they shouldn’t. It’s hard to figure out how to get them to differentiate between what to throw (a ball) and what not to throw (your plate).

We also start swim lessons with them tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how they react to that!

Fine Motor

Lucas is getting much better at the puzzles! He put together three puzzles all by himself the other day. And Kyla has started putting together a puzzle that doesn’t have a picture to show where the pieces go! They impress me every day.

I’ve tried working with them on pouring, spooning, pincher grasp, etc. as well. Today we made bird houses and I had them pour bird seed into them using a measuring cup. They had to get the cup through the hole on the side, then rotate the cup to pour it into the bottom. They did really well, though they didn’t get all the bird seed inside, of course. Which is why we did it outside! I can’t wait to see their reaction when birds start eating from the feeders.

Coloring Bird Feeder

Decorating his bird feeder

Filling the bird feeder

Filling the bird feeder

(Please ignore the nasty bibs. They wouldn’t let me take them off after lunch!)


These kids are just too darn smart! Kyla actually started counting the other day! I heard her say “one… two… three…” I’ve also heard her count to four. And once, I counted to four, trying to get her to do it too, and she finished with five! I don’t think she understands that it’s counting, per se, but it’s a start! I am simply amazed.

As I said before, Lucas is learning the words to songs. He doesn’t sing all of the words, but he does get quite a few of them. And he is learning that sand doesn’t taste good! LOL I just hope he remembers it!

Eating Sand

Eating sand. Yuck!


We’re still going strong with all of our play dates. I think next week we only have one unscheduled day, which might end up scheduled too! Kyla wants to hug everyone, and they’ve both started to hold hands (with us, each other, or other friends). Most of the time we have to prompt them, but Kyla is starting to say “hand” and grab either ours or Lucas’s. Today was so cute when they walked out to play holding hands.

Holding Hands

Holding hands


As I’ve posted before, we’re trying out muffin tin meals, but I’m also just trying to find more variety for us. Especially veggies. I was really good about giving them veggies when they were first learning to eat, but I’ve been much more lax lately. I’m trying to be better about that. Today we’re having asparagus and new potatoes with dinner. We’ll see if they eat them. Some meals they chow down and other times they are picky. The most frustrating thing, though, is that Lucas seems to take his cues from Kyla, even when he has a different opinion. He’ll stop eating something if she won’t eat it. He’ll ask for more of something that he didn’t even start eating. It can be quite frustrating.

>> Lucas ate the veggies, but Kyla did not. She even spit out the potatoes! That’s odd for Miss French Fry Princess. Oh, well. I’ll keep trying!


I love that Kyla and Lucas seem to love each other so much. There are nights when Lucas insists on giving Kyla a kiss before going to bed (okay, this may be a stall tactic, but it’s cute!). And they love to give each other hugs. Today, while they were playing IN the sand table (*sigh*), Lucas laid down on top of Kyla and she thought it was hilarious. They both started saying “night-night” and closing their eyes.

Table nap

"Night-night" on the sand table

They’re also really good at hugs. I just melt any time they wrap their arms around my neck and I know N does too. Lucas still gives kisses with an open mouth, but Kyla puckers up and it’s so cute. When we were visiting family, she kept chasing her cousin around the house with her lips puckered as he ran away. It was funny, and thankfully she thought so too.


Yep. We’re getting to the point where a simple “no” is just not cutting it anymore. I implemented time out for the first time today. Kyla ended up sitting in the corner 4 times this evening because she keeps pulling Lucas’s hair. I have no clue why, either. Sometimes it’s because she’s mad at him, but sometimes it seems like it comes out of nowhere. I made her sit in the corner for about a minute (I didn’t time it), then she had to apologize to Lucas and give him a hug. She knew what she was doing, too. I’d ask “What happened?” and she’d answer “Hair.” The stinker.

I’m also trying to figure out how to stop them from throwing things on the floor during meal times. Forks, cups, plates… I try to not give the item back, but I’ll admit I’m not consistent enough. I’m wondering if I have to start taking them out of the high chair for a “time out” each time it happens. Seems like a pain in the rear, but if it will stop the behavior, maybe I should give it a try.

All in all, though, they are very good kids. We really are extremely blessed.



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4 responses to “22 Months

  1. Lyzz Buda

    Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog! My b/g twins are going to be two on Friday so I can totally relate. I love this age and don’t want them to get any older. We will be trying swim lessons this summer I think. Kyla and Lucas are precious!!

    • heartjourney

      Thanks! It still seems odd to me that people I’ve never met read my blog. LOL Happy birthday to your twins!

  2. Carrie

    I can’t believe they are almost two!!! But I am so glad they are sleeping better – Yay!!! We miss seeing you guys! Hopefully Thursday.

  3. Lyzz Buda

    I would find it weird too(Strangers reading a blog I wrote!). My friend Courtney has one as well about her twins and ironically I never read hers because I see her almost every day. Love the muffin tin ideas too! We are always stuck in a rut so it was nice to see some ideas!

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