You Capture- “Vibrance”

It’s another Wednesday and another photo challenge. This week was “vibrance.” I looked up the definition, just to see if it would give me any ideas. Here’s what Websters has to say:

Definition of VIBRANT
1a (1): oscillating or pulsating rapidly (2) : pulsating with life, vigor, or activity b (1) : readily set in vibration (2) : responsive, sensitive
2: sounding as a result of vibration : resonant

3: bright 4

— vi·brant·ly adverb
Webster’s Dictionary

A friend and I had plans to go to the arboretum today in hopes of finding the perfect shot. Unfortunately, the weather did not consult us before it decided to drizzle all day long. 😦 Instead we met at her house and took pictures of the kids as they played, hoping something would be “just right.” Not sure if we succeeded or not, but I did get a couple of shots I love. Here they are.

Smiling Lucas

When Lucas is happy he vibrates with excitement!

Bunny Kyla

Kyla has a vibrant personality that insisted on wearing the bunny ears

Flower Kyla

Maybe not an example of vibrant, but I love this pic!

Easter Egg and Flower

I love the vibrant colors of the egg and flower.

To see other interpretations of this week’s You Capture challenge, visit:


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7 responses to “You Capture- “Vibrance”

  1. What adorable little girls, just precious.

  2. Easter! Such a colorful holiday. And those bunny ears are just precious!

  3. What adorable, vibrant kids!!

  4. Cute cute kiddos! I love the pink bunny ears!

  5. sherri

    spring and color, so pretty, Such cute children.

  6. jadine

    Beautiful pictures! I love the colors 🙂

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