New independence

The original plan had been for me to visit the Methodist church one more time on my own before bringing the babies to try out the nursery. However, there is a possibility that we won’t be in town next Sunday, so at the spur of the moment, N and I decided I should take them with me today.

I was very nervous about how to get them into the building, how they’d react to new people, etc. I shouldn’t have worried. I didn’t have to fight them about holding my hand to walk into the building (usually a big issue). Lucas was content to be carried and as soon as I got her out of the car Kyla said “hand” and reached out for mine. We walked that way all the way to the nursery. I walked in with them and almost immediately Kyla let go of my hand to go play with the toys, then Lucas quickly followed. When I kissed them each goodbye before heading to the sanctuary, neither batted an eye.

Throughout the service I kept wondering how they were doing, WHAT they were doing. I’ll admit I didn’t fully focus on the sermon. When it was over I did stop to introduce myself to the pastor, then the restroom before going to pick them up. Looking in the door, they were both playing contently. Lucas was the first to spot me and say “Mama!” with a big grin on his face. The ladies that took care of them while I was gone said they did great. I wanted so much to ask for details, but I knew they were getting kids signed in for the next service and didn’t want to be “that mom” so I left.

Both kids held my hands as we walked back to the car. It was great. Until I made Kyla sit in her car seat so I could strap her in. That’s when she decided to start screaming. Oh, well. Can’t expect everything to go perfectly.

I’ve got mixed emotions about today’s experience. Mostly I’m happy about it, of course, because it means I can continue to bring them and may even be able to start them in Sunday School sooner than I thought. But I’m also sad because I feel like I missed out on a hour of their life. I have no clue what they did and they don’t have the communication skills to tell me. Usually I get at least an overview from the person that watches them. The only thing I know about their time in the nursery is that Kyla had a stinky diaper! While good to know, it’s not really that informative. 😉


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