21 months (and change)

Yes, I’m way behind on this month’s update. I realized it a week ago, but didn’t have time to sit down and do something about it. I don’t really have the “time” now (I should be heading for bed), but it’s on my mind, so I’m going to do it anyway.


Ugh! I probably shouldn’t open with this one. Just thinking about this topic gets my jaw to clench. Lucas has been a total nightmare when it comes to sleep lately. It used to just be at nap time, but now he’s a problem at night too. I’ve had to start sitting in their room until he falls asleep because he’ll get out of bed and climb in with Kyla, waking her up and making her scream. She’s a beautiful sleeper (for the most part)! She is generally asleep within 5 minutes of putting her down (tonight was an exception). But I’ve had to sit with Lucas for up to an hour and a half before he’ll settle down, and sometimes he’s up several times throughout the night. It all started after all of our visiting and the time change. We’ve tried pushing bed time back a little, thinking it was because it was still light outside, but that still isn’t working. Though I only had to sit with him for 30 minutes this evening. I don’t have a clue what his deal is and really wish he’d get over it soon or you might find me at a mental hospital.


As I wrote a few days ago, they are both saying “I love you” now and it’s so precious! Their vocabulary is really building. Granted, sometimes it takes a bit of guess work to figure out what in the world they are saying, but THEY know what they mean. 😉 Lucas’s favorites right now are “airplane” and “bird” because he’s always looking for them when we’re outside. He loves it when one flies over our yard. 😀 Kyla is more into “bunny” or “puzzle.” I read “Knuffle Bunny” by Mo Willams to them the other day and now they make me read it to them nine hundred times a day. I’m not kidding. As soon as I finish, Kyla signs and says “again.” And she’ll ask for “bunny” throughout the day. When I get to the end of the book, she gives it a hug. Seriously. It’s adorable. But I’m really tired of reading that book.

Gross Motor

Lucas is turning into a dancing fool! All I have to do is ask “Where are your loco legs?” or sing “tap-tap-tappy feet” and his feet start to groovin’. I love it. Kyla dances too, but not with quite the same enthusiasm as Lucas. They have also been working on throwing. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Other times, not so much. Like when Lucas decides to throw his food across the table. Or to the floor. Not so happy about that one.

Fine Motor

I recently pulled out several puzzles that the twins got for Christmas. I didn’t really think they’d be able to do them very well yet, but Kyla amazed me when she put together an entire puzzle without any help! She was able to recognize where the piece went as well as turn the piece until it fit into the space. Lucas can figure out where they go, but gets frustrated trying to turn it to the right position. I try to put the pieces down so that they are pretty much going to fit the way he picks them up, but that doesn’t always work. He gives up easily and hands the piece to me to put in for him. I’m trying to not help him so much so that he can learn.


They have turned into quite the little explorers. We’ve spent a lot of time outside lately and they love to find rocks (I now have to check Kyla’s pockets every time we come in), bugs, sticks, flowers… One of Kyla’s favorite things right now is to send rocks down the slide. I’m not sure why that’s so entertaining, but it keeps her busy! They’ve also been playing in the sand table a lot. They do a lot more with it now than they did when we first got it. They take the time to watch the sand pour out of the shovel, pour sand into containers, and love looking for hidden “treasures” (rocks) in the sand. I’m thinking I’m going to start hiding other things in the sand and see what they do.

I love watching them figure things out. They get such a look of concentration on their faces. And they are so proud of themselves when they finally “get it.” I wish I could give a specific example right now, but I’m drawing a blank. Must be the late hour. Or the sleep deprivation.


As you know, we’re in more than one play group, so they are with other children frequently. But I’m also trying to work on some other social interactions for them. I’ve started visiting churches in the hopes of taking them to Sunday School. I’ve been to two churches (twice each) and I’m leaning towards sticking with the second one. It’s a Methodist Church. I’m not really familiar with what makes a Methodist a Methodist (vs. any other domination. I grew up Presbyterian), so I need to do some more research. But so far the people are very friendly, I enjoy the worship (though the first week was better than the second), and there seems to be a lot of children’s ministry, which I like. I’ll be going alone again next week, but the week after I plan to bring the kids with me and put them in the nursery. Wish us luck. It will be the first time they have been away from me other than with family members).


For the most part, they are still good eaters. Once in a while they refuse to even try the food I put in front of them, but I never give them something else. They can eat what I give them, or not eat. I know they are not going to starve if they miss one meal. And they generally make up for it at the next meal. One of the problems we are having, though, is with “monkey see, monkey do.” Lucas can be eating with gusto and then realize that Kyla’s refusing to eat and suddenly he won’t want it either. Or if one of them accidentally drops a fork or spills something, the other will immediately do it (on purpose). Today Kyla stumbled and spilled her grapes on the floor. Seconds later, before I could grab it from him, Lucas turned his cup over and spilled his grapes. Same thing happened later with the cheerios. Drives me nuts. It’s generally Lucas copying what Kyla does, but occasionally it goes the other way as well.


I’m so glad my babies like to snuggle! We spend a lot of our days at home sitting in my recliner reading books. If they’d let me pick the books, it would be even better. 😉 The best, though, is their affection for one another. They give each other hugs (which sometimes end with both toppled to the ground and crying) and kisses all the time now. They are also hugging their friends and other adults. I love it!

Overall I love this age. And if it weren’t for the sleep issues, I’d say everything was just perfect. Speaking of sleep, I should probably go get some while the gettin’ is good! ‘Night!


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