The twins and I drove up to Oklahoma on Thursday and got back home yesterday. We got to spend a lot of time with LD and her kids. It was so fun to see how much Kyla and Lucas enjoyed playing with her kids (and vice versa). I thought it was funny that Kyla attached herself to S, while Lucas would ask for K. And it was nice for me to be able to sit back and let them entertain the kids for a while. 😉

LD was able to get us a discount on a suite in the hotel she works for. I thought being able to put them to bed and close the door would make staying in a hotel easier. I was wrong. They didn’t want me to leave the room. So I had to lay in the bed with them (we shared a king size) until they fell asleep. The first night I was able to sneak out of bed and get on the computer in the living room, but the second night I ended up falling asleep while waiting for them to settle. Probably because I was so tired from being awake from 3:30-5:30 because Lucas decided to talk and sing to himself. The second night he woke up every 2 hours and I’d have to pat his back to settle him back down. I was SO tired.

I imagine he slept poorly because he didn’t really get to nap much due to the circumstances. Plus, he’d already had his sleep/nap schedule thrown off by the visit from his aunt and cousin at the beginning of the week. I’m hoping we can get back to our regular schedule this week. Of course, we’re expecting to welcome my niece into the world any day now, so we’ll see how long we have before the schedule is out of whack again. This month is just crazy busy!

Staying in the hotel did give me some idea of ways to make traveling with them easier, though. First, try to keep their schedule as best as possible. The fact that other people are never on the same schedule as they are really messes things up. Most people are not ready to eat dinner at 5:30. But if they eat later, their bed time gets pushed back. Next, make sure there is a fridge in the room and bring (or buy) breakfast foods. That way we don’t have to get everyone dressed and downstairs to eat the complementary breakfast while wrangling kids (since they only had ONE high chair that I didn’t even see until we were done eating). I got food for them to eat the second morning and it went a lot better (or at least, I was less frazzled). Third, make sure the hotel has tubs, not just showers. My children did not get a bath for several days and started to stink a little. 😉 LD did offer for me to use their bath tub, but I didn’t bother, since it’s really a part of our night time routine. And last, but not least, bring reinforcements. Trying to do it alone was difficult. I know I watch them by myself most days, but for whatever reason, doing it while traveling is just 100 times harder. I truly think that if N had been there it would have been much easier. Though I suppose I could be wrong.


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