Budding Friendships

The twins and I have been involved in two play groups for awhile now. We’ve been in the twin group since they were 4 months old, and through that group we met C and her twins, E & N. She invited us to try out another group. This one is for moms who like to take photos. While the children play, the moms take photos and talk about photography.

Now, I’ve always loved taking photos of the kids, of course. But it was because of the subject, not photography. However, the group sounded like they were very active and did a lot of fun activities. I tried it out in November and we’ve been a member ever since. I’ve learned a lot about photography and the kids love having children (other than each other) to play with so frequently.

Because we’re in the two groups together, C and I have become friends and our two sets of twins have gotten to know each other really well. Kyla and Lucas can even say their names and get excited when they see pictures of them on my computer. It’s so cute.

Today, since we were both husband-less for the evening, we decided to get together for dinner. Rather than fight a restaurant, I invited them over to our house and I made dinner. We all had a great time. The kids got to eat dinner in the play room, then they played and laughed and had a great time. I loved it when Kyla spontaneously gave E a hug, and throughout the evening all of the children hugged each other at some point. It was also adorable when Kyla was telling E what to do to wash her hands after dinner. LOL She was babbling on and on, patting the step stool, and seemed very adamant that E follow her directions. Later, she decided to show off her bedroom and their toddler beds. All four kids were climbing in and out of the beds, bouncing, rolling, laughing and having a blast! C commented that her two are never that happy after 5 PM, and could we please come over every day. 😉 It was such a shame to see them go.

I may sound a little lame, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a “best girl friend.” Yes, I have friends, but most of them are so busy that we never seem to get together. And, of course, when you add kids into the mix it’s even harder to find time. Then there are the friends that I’ve made through MOM and play group, but we have so little in common and don’t really know each other all that well. It’s so nice to feel like C and I are friends beyond the kids, yet our kids get along great so we don’t have to work around them to get together. We’re even talking about taking a photography class together soon! 😀



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2 responses to “Budding Friendships

  1. Carrie

    I just read this. I’m so glad we have become friends too! It means a lot to me! And our kids seem to love each other too which is awesome. Btw…we miss you guys this week! 🙂

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