Trip to Acute Care

Well, I can mark that off my list. Kyla decided to initiate me into the world of head wounds, blood and all.

We were at my MIL’s house and she was playing and fell backwards and hit her head on the fireplace. Lucas had done it earlier in the day with no long term effects (only cried for a few seconds, really). However, when I scooped up Kyla, my hand was covered in blood instantly. Thankfully my SIL was able to stay with Lucas while I got in the back of the van with Kyla and my MIL drove. Kyla cried when the nurse cleaned her head so the doc could actually see the wound, but when the doc put the staple in, she didn’t even flinch! I think she was too busy concentrating on the popsicle they gave her. 😉

What was really interesting was the way Kyla and Lucas reacted to being apart. It’s not like they are never apart, but it is rare. Even through her tears on the way to Acute Care, Kyla kept patting Lucas’s car seat because she didn’t understand why he wasn’t there. And SIL said that Lucas didn’t say a single word the whole time we were gone (and he’s my chatty cathy!), but as soon as we were back he was talking up a storm again!

I had thought surely Lucas would be the one to initiate me into the world of urgent care, but apparently Kyla decided he couldn’t have all the fun. Now that it’s over, can we never do that again, please?


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