Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Today was Dr. Seuss’s birthday. He would have been 107 if he were still alive. I had some students who actually believed he was a few years ago, thanks to N’s portrayal of the fabulous author in the skit we performed to kick of Read Across America.

I guess I was feeling nostalgic for my librarian days, because I decided to throw not one, but TWO parties for Dr. Seuss. One for each of my play groups (photography moms and twin moms). I was super excited all week getting ready for the “parties.” I had the menu all planned out and had everything ready well in advance. Here’s the spread:

Seuss Spread

Seuss food

You can see cupcakes (for his birthday), green deviled eggs and ham rolls (for Green Eggs and Ham), colored goldfish (for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish), a cheese tree (for Fox in Socks), and a bowl of fruit (just because 😉 ). It seems that most people did not quite care for the green eggs. Personally, I ate quite a few. Even made green egg salad with the left overs for lunch today. 😉

I had all sorts of ideas for activities for the kids as well. I made a fishing game (for One Fish, Two Fish) where the kids could “fish” for stuffed fish using poles with a magnet on the end of the line. While the kids liked it, it didn’t hold their attention for long. I also printed out coloring pages (which no one colored) and put out several Dr. Seuss books. I had a floor puzzle, which I forgot to put out, and a video, that I decided not to show. I’d thought of making I Spy Bottles, but decided that would be too complicated for these kids right now. Things didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped. Mostly because the kids are just too young to do anything too organized with just yet. I think I’ll have to revisit the ideas next year.

People did have fun, though. But it was pretty much like any other play group day, just with weird food. Oh, well. At least I have a cool fishing game for Kyla and Lucas to play with now!


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

  1. Alison

    I read Fox in Socks to classes today, and I thought of you every time I got to the tweedle beetles part :).

    • heartjourney

      Gotta love Fox in Socks! 😀 I miss getting to read to students. Though my two have me read a million books a day to them. Too bad it’s the same 3 books a million times each day. LOL

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