Sometimes the full power of how much I love my little ones swells up and overwhelms me. Today is one of those days. I just adore them. That doesn’t mean they didn’t get on my nerves at all today (like wanting to go outside NOW, when I was trying to finish up a task), but they did several sweet, cute, and funny things today I thought I’d share.

First, we headed out to Michael’s to pick up some Seuss party supplies (I’ll be posting about that next week). Getting into the car now takes a lot longer because they each want to climb into the seats themselves. It would probably be a faster process if it weren’t for the fact that we still have their seats rear facing (I know what you’re thinking, but not only are we procrastinators, the current recommendation actually is 2 years old!). It’s fun to see how independent they are becoming. Even if it does mean I have to add 10 minutes to our getting out the door time.

At Michael’s they were both well behaved, as usual. I wish they could be that good at home! LOL And N wonders why I take them somewhere almost every day! 😉 Anyway, I did give them each some puppets to play with while I shopped, then sneaked them back on the shelf when they were no longer interested. They started to get a bit cranky about the time I was done anyway. Then we started the whole climbing into the car process over again.

From there we drove up to the Community Center where they have Open Gym every second and fourth Tuesday for $1. They had lots of toys for the kids to play with and a couple of bounce houses. At first Kyla climbed through the bounce house to slide on the slide over and over again. But she soon grew tired of that and became enamored with the “roller coaster.” (one of these). She wasn’t so thrilled with having to wait her turn after each ride, but she liked it so much she was willing to do so. Lucas, on the other hand, was hoping I’d hold his place for him. Which I would not (I know, mean mommy). When Kyla got run over because she stepped into the path of the coaster when someone else was riding, I decided it was time to go. But considered getting her a roller coaster for her birthday, since she loved it so much.

Next we picked up some lunch and drove home. I started to put them in their high chairs, but they both followed the dogs outside when I opened the door, so I decided we’d eat in the backyard. I grabbed the table and chairs from their playroom and put them in the middle of the yard. They really enjoyed eating at their table, and I didn’t mind the mess because we were outside! 😉 Lucas even decided he liked the coleslaw so much he stole mine after he’d finished his own. Stinker. 😉 And Kyla snarfed the chicken nuggets, as usual. We went inside just long enough to wash our hands (I’m trying to teach them to do it themselves, but they’re still not quite tall enough to reach, even with the step stool), then went back out to play some more before nap time.

Thankfully, they napped without hesitation (perhaps it was because I told them the sooner they fell asleep, the sooner they’d get to go outside again?). We did have to come inside long enough for me to put dinner in the oven, but they played nicely while I worked on that, and out we went again! Boy do they love the outdoors! It was so much fun watching them explore the yard. And Lucas got so excited when he saw a “bee” (what he calls all bugs. It was a doodle bug). We watched that bug crawl all over the place, and they were very disappointed when he disappeared in the grass and we couldn’t find it again.

After bath, Kyla snuggled with me while Lucas “swam” in the bathtub. She didn’t want me to put her down when it was time to get Lucas out. But when I told them we could watch Fresh Beat Band once they were in their pajamas, that got them moving quickly! LOL I can’t stand the show, but they love it. I do enjoy watching them dance to the music, though. 🙂 Once they were in bed, I closed the door and heard Lucas “singing” “Seeet bababa!” (his version of my “Sweet Baby Mine” rendition of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”) What a perfect ending to a wonderful day!


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