Poor Baby Boy

My poor baby boy is having a rotten day. When I went to get them this morning the smell of poop hit me as I opened the door. He was wearing footie pajamas and when I unzipped them it was ALL over him (up his belly, down his legs…). I took him to the bath immediately and when I wiped his belly with a wash cloth, the poor baby cried. 😦 His body was bright red where the poop was. His poor penis was the brightest! I slathered bag balm all over him. It seems to have helped some, but every time he pees, he cries. He’s been even whinier than usual, which is getting on my nerves, but I’m sure I would be too if I was hurting all over.

This afternoon we’re supposed to go to the park with friends. Hopefully that will distract him and he’ll be in a better mood.


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Filed under Parenting, toddlers

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