First try is a hit!

I went to Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby and picked up a few supplies to make some of the activities I found on blogs I’ve discovered recently. Oh my goodness! I set up an activity for the kids while they were napping (pompoms, cups, ice cube trays, spring loaded chop sticks, and a water bottle). When they got up, I showed it to them and they went to town! K was able to pick up the pompoms with the chop sticks and transfer them from the ice cube tray to the cup. L wasn’t so successful with the chop sticks, but he did enjoy transferring the pompoms with his fingers. They played for about 15 minutes before DH got home and distracted them. After dinner we all went into the play room and played some more. They loved playing with the water bottle (a cheap one I got from Target with both a small and large opening), filling it with pompoms, then shaking them out. At one point DH scooped up a bunch of pompoms and dropped them over K’s head, which she thought was hilarious and started dropping them over her own head. All the while, L was focused on putting pompoms into the water bottle. They ended up staying up 30 minutes past their bed time because they were having so much fun. They would only go to bed after we promised they could play with them again tomorrow. Who knew?! 😀

I’m also working on making a few things. I have started working on a Button Snake with colored shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and octagon). And I hope to make bean bags for them to toss (gross motor!) using scraps of material and split peas or rice (whichever is cheaper). I’m trying not to get too caught up in my excitement and introduce too many things at once. I’m going to attempt to only introduce one new activity per week to start with. Or until they get bored with a new one, whichever comes first. That way we can draw out the fun!


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