Toddler bed update

I thought it might be good to give an update on how it’s going with the toddler beds.

For the most part, it’s going well. We solved the falling out of bed by rolling up a towel and putting it under the sheet to act as a bumper. No more falling out, everyone is happy.

The only real problems are nap time and morning. You see, for some reason nap time does not seem to inspire them to stay in their beds. Instead they like to play, empty drawers, and generally do anything BUT sleep. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half (yes, I am mean and leave them in there even if they aren’t sleeping) to finally go to sleep. What’s weird is, the last three days they have stayed in their bed and been asleep within 10 minutes. But today, it was an hour and a half kind of day. The only difference I can figure out are that N is home. I don’t know if they are afraid to go to sleep because they worry he won’t be here when they wake up or maybe their routine is off or what. It’s very annoying.

And in the morning, whichever kid wakes up first tends to get into bed with the other and bug them until they wake up. *sigh* This wouldn’t be as big a deal, except a lot of times the other one doesn’t want to wake up yet. Yesterday Lucas got into bed with Kyla and she kept trying to kick him out of the bed. He wouldn’t budge. He laid down to go back to sleep, but she really didn’t want him there.

And now I’m worried about what I will do when we go down to Houston for my SIL’s baby shower in February. Where do I put them to sleep? How do I keep them from destroying someone else’s house? Do I sleep in the same room with them, or do I sleep separate? Do I even bother trying to get them to nap?

Ugh! Just when you think you have this parenting thing down, they have to go and enter another phase. :p

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