Holy cow!!!

I got a phone call from my sister this morning to tell me she’s pregnant… With TWINS!!! Yes, apparently twins are contagious. LOL This came as a complete surprise. Apparently they’ve been trying since March, but her hormones were all out of whack and she wasn’t ovulating. They OB was almost ready to refer her to an RE when she found out she was pregnant. Yesterday was the first u/s (7 weeks) and needless to say the news was a shock. She had JUST been saying to her OB that she’d been up here for the holidays and the twins were all over the place and she had so much respect for my patience and ability to handle the two of them and she couldn’t imagine doing it. As the OB was doing the u/s she said “So what was that you were saying about twins?”

My mom said to me just the other day (and apparently had this conversation with my sister the other day as well) that she’d come to the conclusion after being with the twins for 10 days that babies should definitely come in ones. So when my sister told her it was twins Mom said “I thought I told you they should come in ones.” My mom is such a winner when it comes to reacting to big news. @@

My sis is still in shock. Understandably so. While a teeny-tiny part of me is upset that now we won’t be the only one with twins, I’m very excited for her. Our family sure is growing a LOT this year (my brother and his wife are expecting one in March)!


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