18 months (+5 days)

Today was our 18 month well visit for the twins. “Well” is a relative term, these days, however. They both have runny noses and ear infections. The runny noses have been going for over a week now. *big sigh*

Anyway, here are their stats:

Weight- 23.2 lbs (31%)
Height- 32 in (58%)
Head- 18.75 in (78%)

Weight- 23.8 lbs (21%)
Height- 33 in (68%)
Head- 19.5 in (89%)

I don’t understand how they’ve only gained .2 and .8 lbs in three months. Especially since they’ve weighed 25 lbs at sick visits (granted, they have clothes on, but still…). I’m wondering if they’ve lost a little weight from their lack of appetite while they’ve been sick. The doctor didn’t seem phased by their weights, so I guess I won’t worry about it either.

The last few weeks the twins have been taking turns screaming like banshees through most of the night. I asked the doctor if she had any sort of explanation (or solution) and she said it’s pretty typical at this age and no one really knows why. It could be nightmares, but there’s no way of really knowing. She said usually it clears itself up in a couple of months. Which, I guess, means N and I will be very tired and cranky for the next couple of months, so be warned. 😉

They had two shots today, which was complete torture for me. I took them by myself (N had to work), so I had to hold them down, which was bad enough. Even worse than that, though, was that I had to put down a screaming Lucas so I could hold down Kyla. Then I had two screaming babies that just wanted to be held. I was relieved to hear that they will not need any shots at their next appointment. Which will be when they are two years old! Wow! How can my kids be getting so close to two?!?!

It’s amazing to me to reflect on all that these two little people have accomplished in 18 months. They’ve learned to do so many things for themselves! Some things that we don’t want them to do (like climbing on top of the changing table to turn on the lights in their room), and some that I didn’t expect until much later (like tell me when they have a dirty diaper). They are such complete personalities and we love every inch of them. Kyla and her independent, yet super sweet to everyone charm. Lucas and his cuddly (okay, clingy) enthusiasm. Their smiles light up my heart. Right now they are chasing each other and laughing. It’s the best sound in the world and I’m so blessed to get to hear it. As N has said countless times; these two are the most frustrating, challenging, and rewarding things we’ve ever done. And we would not trade it for the world.

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