And it’s time…

I posted in November that my ICD battery is getting near the end of its life. Well, Tuesday the darn thing decided it was done. Or, as close to done as insurance will allow it to be replaced, anyway. At 8 AM that morning I heard a lovely alarm chime from my chest. I called it in and they worked me into the surgery schedule for Monday, December 20th at 10 AM. Of course it’s a day N works. He’s going to attempt to do some rearranging, but it might be tough with the holidays so close. If nothing else he can always use a sick day, but we hope he won’t have to do that. Of course, seeing as he works at the hospital I will be going to, he could just take me to work with him! 😉

Mom will come up to help me with the twins, since I won’t be able to lift them for a couple of days. She was planning to come up Monday or Tuesday for Christmas anyway, so it doesn’t change things too much for her. She’ll come on Saturday so the kids have a chance to spend a day with her (and she can see their normal routine) before she watches them by herself on surgery day. I should come home the same day, but was told to prepare for an overnight stay just in case.

Just thought I should fill you in!

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