First Hair Cuts

We finally got the kids their first hair cuts. They’ve been needing them for awhile. Especially Lucas, with his long curly “tail” in the back. They were looking kind of shaggy. Here’s a pic from the day before, just for comparison:

Scraggly Hair

Scraggly Hair 11/26/2010

Kyla was a trooper and just sat with a very serious look on her face while the hairdresser cut her hair:

Kyla's First Hair Cut

Kyla's First Hair Cut

While Lucas, predictably, was a bit more squirmy. He kept wanting to see what was going on behind him:

Lucas's First Hair Cut

Lucas's First Hair Cut

Afterward, we went to have hot chocolate, then to a book store, and finally out for burgers.

Handsome Boy

Handsome Boy

Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl

My babies aren’t looking much like babies anymore. :*(


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