Quick heart update

Sorry I didn’t post about my EP appointment yesterday. I just didn’t have time. And I’ve only got a few seconds to post right now, as Kyla is done with her nap and not very happy about it…

As of now, my ICD is not at the point where they can schedule a replacement. But I’m told it will probably be at that point within the month and I will hear a beep when that time comes. At that point, I’m supposed to go in to see them or call in a carelink. Ah, what fun.

As for my feeling crappy, he said that he could not find any reason on his end for the way I feel, so he’s passing me off to my cardiologist. Why is it that when I go to my cardiologist first, she sends me to the EP, but if I go to the EP first, he sends me to my cardiologist??? Ugh.

Gotta go rescue Kyla!


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  1. Tera

    I’m here for you friend! Hang in!

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