17 Months and heart update

Yesterday was the twins’ 17 month birthday. I didn’t type this up then, because it probably wouldn’t have been nice. I was suffering from a migraine headache, having a bad heart day (short of breath, heart palpitations, etc), burned my fingers making food for the babies, and both kids were extremely cranky. Lucas started running a fever last Tuesday and it continued into the weekend, then Kyla caught it on Saturday and she’s still working it off today. Sick babies equals crabby babies which equals crabby mama. *sigh*

So on to the update:

There’s not a lot these two won’t eat… usually. While they’ve been sick they haven’t eaten a whole lot. But who can blame them with sore throats? We’ve pretty much been letting them eat whatever they want in the hopes of getting some sort of nutrition into them. At least they are more than willing to drink water or milk. Of course, now that Lucas is feeling better he’s making up for lost time. Every time I turn around he’s asking for more food. Yesterday he wanted snacks TWICE between breakfast and lunch! I think someone must have hollowed out his leg. Kyla is still just picking at food and throwing most of it on the floor, despite our grumblings.

Dang these kids are everywhere! There is no place in the house that is safe. Lucas can reach the door knobs now, but thank goodness he hasn’t figured out how to turn them! Kyla’s still a tiny bit too short. Today we’ve been fighting the battle of keeping the books on the shelf. The shelf is above their heads, but they have found ways of reaching them anyway. Yes, they are children’s books, but they are the ones with paper pages, so it makes me nervous for them to play with them. Plus, they don’t want to read them as much as just pull them all off the shelf. I really don’t want that many books (in addition to the multitude of board books) all over the room. I feel like a bad librarian for telling them no when they want a book. But at the same time, the librarian in me doesn’t want the books ruined!

They are picking up words like crazy. Right now, I think our favorite that they say is “turtle.” It’s so cute how each syllable is very distinct. It almost sounds like Kyla is saying “two-toe” and Lucas is saying “tuh-tuh.” And Kyla is very sing-songy when she says it too. šŸ™‚ Last week I even got Kyla to say “grandma” on the phone to Grandma! It sounds a little like “guhmah” but it’s better than her cousin’s “Ma!” that he called her for a long time. šŸ˜‰ Lucas doesn’t attempt to sound out words quite as much as Kyla, but he’s really not that far behind her. It’s interesting to see the girl vs. boy development in action!

A week ago I took them to a petting zoo with some other moms. Kyla LOVED the animals. She was fascinated by every one of them and enjoyed petting and feeding them. Lucas was not so interested. He just wanted to eat the bread they gave us to feed the sheep. LOL We’ve also been doing play dates a little more often. I’ve joined a group called Lens Baby that is comprised of moms who want to take pics of their kids and improve their photography skills. One of my twin mom friends invited me and I decided to try it out. The petting zoo was the only one we’ve been to so far (because they got sick), but hopefully next week we can start going to more.

And now for the heart update:

I was supposed to have an appointment two and a half weeks ago with my EP. But (as usual) they called to reschedule. I was very disappointed because I was having some issues with stamina, shortness of breath, etc. that I wanted to talk to him about. Today is the rescheduled appointment. Because they changed it I was going to have to take the babies with me (N was scheduled to work and my in laws are out of town). However, when he woke up this morning, N discovered he has pink eye. So no work for him. Instead he gets to watch the cranky babies while I go get some answers (hopefully). I was told over the phone that I am nearing the end of battery life on this ICD and I’m starting to freak out a bit about when it’s going to happen and how I’m going to get help while I recover (I won’t be able to lift the babies, I presume). I’ve had several surgeries on this ICD, but they were all lead related, not a simple generator change. So I’m not sure what the restrictions or recovery time will be. I’m hoping it’s short! N can’t take off from work and I have to be able to get the kids in and out of their cribs at the very least! Ugh. Anyway, I’ll update when I get back from the appointment.


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