Pride before the fall?

I hope not! But I have to admit I’m feeling very proud of myself today. It was four weeks ago today that I decided I’d finally had enough of the clutter and grime. I’m not done yet, but I’ve sure come a long way in this 4 weeks!


  • The sink is still shining and I never go to bed with anything in it. The dish washer always has room for the dishes we use because I empty it as soon as it’s done running (or the morning after I’ve run it at night). Dishes get cleaned as we use them rather than once the sink is full!
  • All the counters are cleared (except the things that belong there and some of N’s junk I can’t seem to keep him from putting there). I even wipe them down each night.
  • The high chairs are less gross. They’re still a little gross, but I’m keeping up with washing the trays after every meal and try to vacuum out food bits that fall between the cover and the plastic seat every couple of days. It freaks out the kids, but at least it doesn’t get as disgusting.
  • I mopped the floors! I did it this evening, after the kids went to bed. I moved the table out of the breakfast nook and scrubbed the best I could. It was exhausting. It might not be perfect, but it’s a whole lot better than it was! I have to keep reminding myself that “Even housework done incorrectly blesses the home.” (that’s a quote from FlyLady)

Living room

  • I pick up the kids’ toys every day before I go to bed. That includes the ones in the “play room.” It makes me smile when I walk out of the bedroom each morning and everything is in its place. Of course, it doesn’t last long, but I think even the babies are figuring out that things should go back where they belong, as they are starting to put books back into the box after we are done with them!
  • I started to do a detailed dusting of the shelves today. I wasn’t able to get it all done because the babies woke up from their nap and I’ve been taking everything off the shelves, one at a time, and really getting them clean. I’ve got 3 shelves left on one side of the room, and the other set of shelves hasn’t been touched yet. That one scares me.
  • N vacuumed the living room thoroughly three weeks ago. It needs to be done again, and I plan to tackle that tomorrow. I’m going to try to work a weekly quick vacuum into my routine soon.

Bath rooms

  • The toilets are clean! I scrubbed them several weeks ago and even managed to get the rings off! It took a lot of trial and error before I found something that worked like a charm. But now that they are clean it’s been easy to maintain by simply swishing a brush around the bowls and wiping down the outside every day.
  • The hall bathroom counter has been cleared off and the sinks shined. I even wiped the mirror (though I admit there are quite a few streaks). I need to go through and wipe things down again, just for maintenance, but it still looks good.
  • The bathtub in the hall bathroom has been scrubbed and I’ve been trying to wipe it down each day. It’s hard to keep it completely clean because of how dirty the kids are when they get in (we bathe them right after dinner), but it’s going okay.
  • I still need to get to the rest of the master bathroom. The counter is covered with clutter, the shower is still gross, and the bathtub and floors need to be cleaned. I figure they aren’t seen by people who come over, so it isn’t as high on my priority list. But I will get it done!


  • The master bedroom is looking better than it was. Not clutter free yet, but a lot better. I’ve cleaned off my bedside table and thrown out or put away a lot of clutter that’s been sitting in piles. I even vacuumed the parts of the room that I picked up!
  • The babies’ room is still pretty bad. I really need to go through and get rid of the clothes they no longer wear as well as pick up the things they’ve pulled out of various drawers and put them where they belong. I’m thinking of getting rid of the changing table (or at least moving it elsewhere) and maybe even rearranging the furniture. But that will have to happen when I can get them out of the house for a while.
  • The guest bedroom is still a catch all, unfortunately. However, I do plan to wash the sheets on Friday. And I plan to have it cleaned out before December so that anyone who stays with us for Christmas doesn’t have to work around all that junk.

So after 4 weeks I am definitely seeing a difference. Not only in the house, but in my personal attitude. I’m feeling good about what I’m accomplishing and I know that is making a difference in my overall mental health. I’ve even invited our play group over to our house this Friday and I’m not worried that I’ll be scrambling to get everything clean before they arrive. It will all be done already! 😀 Not only that, but we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house and I’m not stressed about it one bit!


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  1. LaDonna

    I didn’t know you were “flying”! I used to too, but stopped for awhile. Guess I should get back into it.

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