Little people

More and more the twins are developing their personalities.

Kyla has turned into such a little helper. She loves to do things for us, like unload the dryer, take her clothes to the laundry hamper, take something to the trash… If we give her instructions for something to do (one or two steps only, of course), you can see her little brain working out what it is we want her to do, then following through. She tries to feed everyone else (and gets upset if they don’t take what she offers), and shows genuine concern when Lucas is upset (unless he’s upset because of something she did, of course). She also has many a melt down if we tell her “no” or “not right now” or if she, in any way, doesn’t get what she wants. For example, I had a cookie that I was going to split between Lucas and Kyla. She wanted the cookie, until I broke it in half. Then she dissolved into screeching tears until I pretended to put the two halves back together and let her have the “whole” cookie. (yes, I know I shouldn’t have given in, and most of the time I don’t). The day before she and Lucas were fighting over a granola bar and when I broke it in half Lucas happily ate his half, but Kyla was not happy with half a granola bar. However, when I tried to give that half to Lucas as well, she decided that wasn’t a good plan either and promptly put it in her mouth, crying all the while. Yes, she definitely has a strong personality!

Lucas, at the moment (please, God, let it be a phase!) is incredibly whiny. He has to be held all. the. time. it seems. And right now if N is home, he only wants N. While it’s great that he loves his dad so much, it makes it difficult for both of us. Nothing I do will comfort him, and N doesn’t get a moment’s peace! Of course, he’s also happy a lot of the time. Today we went to N’s aunt’s house for lunch and he discovered a love for candy corn, chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes, and peppermint ice cream! He also enjoyed emptying the bowl of walnuts, much to N’s chagrin. And for some reason, when the AT&T guy was here this evening fixing our cable box, Lucas was bound and determined to make a friend. He brought him several books and toys as an offering and didn’t understand why his new friend would not read to him or let him in his lap! He was wired beyond belief this evening, staying up an hour past their usual bed time (Kyla was too, but not nearly as hyper). We’re hoping maybe they’re just getting ready for the time change in a couple of weeks. 😉

I am so incredibly blessed to have such wonderfully loving children. They both love to give kisses and hugs. Which is good, since I’d be forcing them into it regardless! 😉 I can’t help but tell them at least a hundred times a day how much I love them. And to think, it was two years ago today that we found out for sure that we were going to be parents. It’s not always easy (as a matter of fact, it’s mostly very hard), but it’s the best job I’ve ever had. I thank God that he chose us to be the parents of these miracles.


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One response to “Little people

  1. LaDonna

    Yep, it’s the hardest job you’ll ever love! I just love seeing (and reading) how they grow! 🙂

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