Back to “normal”

N came home yesterday. They didn’t find anything, but they did start him on cholesterol medicine. The cardiologist even said he didn’t need to see him again unless he was having symptoms. While it’s good that there’s nothing wrong, it would be nice to know what was going on…

While sitting bored in the hospital, N decided to go ahead and schedule his follow up endoscopy (from the issues he had last year) so he could get refills for his reflux meds. And he scheduled it for the very next day (today)! Which meant I had to scramble to see if I could find someone to watch the kids. I didn’t find anyone (though a dear friend offered to come help me with them in the waiting room), so instead of going to the appointment with N I dropped him off at the door and took the babies to IHOP and then to Target. We got back to the medical office just in time to get a phone call saying he was in recovery! I didn’t get to talk to the doctor, but the written report answered most questions. The results of the biopsy they took will be back next week.

When we came home N was still a bit groggy, so he took a nap. When he got up from his nap he felt back to normal, so he decided to go ahead and go to his weekly game night at the local hobby shop. The kids have been fussy (didn’t nap well) and driving me nuts, so I’m thinking an early bed time is in store (as in, any second now). As I type they are pulling on my pants and whining at me. *sigh* Yep, we’re back to normal.


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