The good, the bad, and the worried…

The good:
I have kitchen counters! As I said before, I have decided it is time I made a change in my house keeping strategies and I have been baby stepping my way each day. I made it my goal to clean just a little bit each day. I divided the kitchen into sections and worked on just one section each day. And today I finished the last section of counter space (I still need to clean on top of the fridge, in the microwave, and the floor)! It looks great and I’m so proud of myself. I’ve also cleaned the counter in the hall bathroom, the toilets in both bathrooms (now THAT’S something to be proud of!), and the kitchen table. I’ve made sure to decide what my next goal is the day before so that I have it ready first thing in the morning (tomorrow is our bathroom counter). I know I can do this!

The bad:
I have not gotten much more done on my sewing the last few days. I guess I’ve been so focused on getting my cleaning goals done that I kind of let it slide. I do need to get to the fabric store in order to do some things, but I could be farther along on cutting squares for the quilts. I think I did the bibs and burp cloths so fast I got a little lax. I really need to step it up if I’m going to have examples of everything by next week (yes, it’s next week!).

The worried:
N is in the hospital. Yesterday he’d had some pain in his left shoulder, radiating down to his elbow. It went away. But this morning, while at work, he was getting short of breath and cold/clammy upon exertion. When he told his manager his symptoms she told him to go to the ER. TWO HOURS later, he decided to call me. All his blood work has come back normal and he’s feeling fine now, but they want to do a stress test on him, which won’t happen until tomorrow. Even though I’m used to being in the house alone with the babies, tonight it seems especially quiet. 😦 Hopefully N will be home tomorrow.


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