Oh, joy. :(

Yes, that’s sarcasm. Last night Lucas kept waking up every so often and when I finally went in to see if I could console him I discovered that he had puked all over his bed (and down the side). So, with N’s help, I changed his sheets and cleaned up as much as I could in the dark before putting him back to bed. This morning he seemed fine, so we assumed that it was just the extra milk he had before going to bed.

Well, N has been craving pumpkin pancakes ever since he heard they had them at Cafe Brazil. So before we went to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday, we had breakfast at Cafe Brazil. Only, they said they wouldn’t be getting them until 10/10. So N decided we would go to breakfast today. Only, he decided to go to a different one. And they won’t be getting them until 10/12!

Anyway, everyone was happy for the most part as we headed home. Then I hear a sound from the back. And I knew what that sound was before N confirmed it. Yep. Puke. Apparently Lucas does have some sort of bug. *sigh* Fortunately, we were only a couple of blocks from our house, so we didn’t have to ride with the smell TOO long (ugh, it was awful!). I took Lucas out of the car and stripped him, then took him in for a quick bath while N hosed down the car seat. I guess we’re not going anywhere else today. Though I do need to go to the store, so I guess it will be either by myself or with just Kyla until Lucas’s seat is dry.


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  1. So sorry we had you chasing around town for our delicious Cinnamon Pumpkin Pancakes. They will be available in ALL 10 locations on Tuesday, October 12. We look forward to your review!

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