16 Months

How in the world have we made it to 16 months? Really? 16 months? This time last year N had just had surgery on his back and was not allowed to lift either of the kids. They were not even sitting up yet. Kyla had only rolled over from front to back and Lucas was still struggling with tummy time. My goodness a lot has changed in a year!

Forget walking, these kids are running. They particularly enjoy running away from me when it’s time to go to bed. šŸ˜‰ (Though truthfully, they are usually pretty good about going to bed when I tell them it’s time.) Lucas is even starting to figure out how to push himself backwards when sitting on a riding toy (like the bee or ladybug Grandma got them). Kyla’s legs aren’t quite long enough, but she loves to push them around in front of her all over the house. Lucas still climbs on top of everything, though he sometimes pretends he can’t so he can ask for help.

They are learning so many ways to communicate. They’re picking up new words, both spoken and sign, every day. Today I got a very distinct “no” and “yeah” from them (spoken, they’ve been shaking their heads and nodding for awhile). Earlier this week Lucas made it clear he wanted Boudreaux (our dog) to come outside with us. At another point he went to the fridge and made the sign for “cheese” (which I immediately gave to him, of course!). There are times when they will jabber to me in such a way that I know they are telling me something very important… If only I knew what it was. LOL And they talk to each other quite a bit. I really wish I knew what they were saying. Probably conspiring against me. šŸ˜‰

Of course, with new communication skills also comes the frustration when they aren’t understood. Kyla has taken to biting when she doesn’t like what Lucas is doing (usually stealing a toy from her). One day she bit him 5 times! It seems to have slowed down, but today Lucas bit her. Funny how that’s not quite so fun. Oh, and the tantrums that girl can throw! Look out! I am not looking forward to her teenage years. LOL

I hear a lot about other kids being picky eaters or parents having problems getting their kids to eat enough. Not my kids! They pack it away. And give them something to dip their food into and they’ll eat anything! LOL They can both say the word “dip” and will repeat it over and over until you give them something to dip into. They don’t really seem to care what it is, thankfully. When we’re at home I try to make the dip healthy, like yogurt. Today at lunch they dipped everything into melted cheese. Messy, but effective! While there are some foods that they eat with more enthusiasm than others, I haven’t really discovered anything that they out and out won’t eat (I better watch out. I may have just jinxed us!). I really do attribute this to our Baby Led approach to introducing them to solids.

Oh my goodness I swear these clingy phases are going to drive me insane! Lucas is extremely clingy when we’re around new people. He does not want me to even move a muscle without him attached to my hip. As one of my twin mom friends said about her daughter, it’s like he can’t get close enough and wants to crawl inside of me. Though there are times when he’ll warm up and play with others. Kyla, for the most part has no problems with new people. On more than one occasion she’s gone up to strangers and asked to sit in their lap (well, not with words, but it’s pretty clear what she wants).

We haven’t been to play group in a few weeks (just hasn’t worked out), but it’s always fun when we do. We’ve also been going to the library when we can make it, which is another opportunity for them to interact with other children. I’d like to get them started on another class like Scribbles and Dribbles (perhaps Kindermusic?), but we haven’t figured out exactly what we want to do just yet.

Both of them are so loving. They give hugs and kisses freely and we absolutely love it. Sometimes one of them will randomly come up to me just to give me a hug and it makes my day so much brighter. And when they give each other kisses it just melts my heart. It doesn’t matter how frustrated they might have made me throughout the day. One hug or kiss from one of my kids will wipe it all away. We are so very lucky and I thank God for these two miracle blessings every day.


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