Field trip!

Today N and I took the twins to breakfast at Cafe Brazil and then to The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm. We ended up rushing through the last part of our breakfast because Lucas started freaking out after eating a bite of food. We noticed his face got really red around his mouth and worried he was having some sort of reaction to what he’d eaten. On the way to the Pumpkin Farm we stopped at Target where N got some children’s Benadryl and gave it to Lucas. Then we spent the rest of the trip wondering if we’d doped him too much! LOL

When we arrived at the Pumpkin Farm the kids were asleep and we were fine with waiting in the car for them to sleep some more, but as soon as I put the van into park they woke up. So we loaded up our gear and headed for the entrance. Apparently there were a few school field trips today, so the entrance was a little crowded (kids tend to stop at the first animal they see instead of moving into the farm some to clear the way). Once we got past the bottleneck we stopped to feed a cow, then moved over to the goats. While a little leery, both Kyla and Lucas were very interested in the animals.

Babies staring at goats

Babies staring at goats

Next we let them run around in the pumpkin field. Kyla found a cute little pumpkin just the right size for her. It was so cute!


I want this one!

But we left it behind so that we could go on a hay ride. They seemed to have a fun traveling along with the wind in their face. 🙂

Kyla wind
Lucas wind

After the hay ride we let them pick out their very own pumpkins to take home with us. Our little farmers were tuckered out by the end of our field trip. So were mom and dad! I think I see a tradition in the making. 🙂

Tired Farmers

Tired Farmers


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