Few updates

Since I woke up early and haven’t updated in awhile I thought I’d try to squeeze one in while the babies are still s****ing (can’t type the word or they’ll stop. πŸ˜‰ ).

Update 1-
I was supposed to start my new job this past Monday. I did not. Last week the manager called to talk to me about my training schedule. 3 of the 6 days N was scheduled to work. I had no babysitter. She said to just come in on Monday and we’d talk about it. But then I started getting worried about future schedules too. So I called and asked what they were hoping I would work. They wanted every Tuesday and Thursday, every other weekend, and every other Friday. Well, that every other Friday would not work for us. N works 3 week days a week and that means he’s only home 2 days. Plus, working every Thursday would mean I’d never be able to go to Mothers of Multiples because they meet on Thursdays. On the way home from what I thought would be my last meeting I bawled the whole way. That night N and I talked and the next morning he said to me “You know, if I work just one extra shift I would make as much as you would in almost two weeks. You don’t have to do it.” (well, those weren’t the exact words, but the gist) After working up my courage, I called both the manager and HR and left messages saying I thought it would be best if I not take the job after all. I didn’t hear back from either of them. I assume they got the messages, since no one called me on Monday asking me where I was. I do feel terrible, but I figure I’m saving them time, money, and effort training someone who won’t be able to work the schedule they want.

I do still want to contribute in some way to our finances, so I have decided to work on selling some of my crafts. Our MOM group is hosting a vendor night (Merry Multiples) in October and I’ve signed up to have a booth where I can sell hooded towels, bibs/burp cloths, quilts, etc. I went and bought materials yesterday and have started cutting. Hopefully I can build up some momentum and crank out a good supply before Oct. 21. If things go well I am also thinking of setting up a “shop” at Etsy.com. *fingers crossed*

Update 2-
The twins and I took a road trip this past weekend! We went to visit LD. πŸ˜€ We stayed at her house (poor B &T were kicked out of their room) and had a great time. Her daughters, K & S, had fun playing with the babies. And Kyla loved chasing their 4 dogs! LOL We didn’t do a lot, mostly just hung out at the house, but it was good to spend time together. The twins had changed so much since they last saw them (LD saw them at their birthday party, but the kids hadn’t seen them since December!). Oh, and the twins got to play on their first trampoline. Lucas loved it, of course. Kyla was a bit more hesitant, but also seemed to enjoy it.

Saturday we met up with a group of TOSS ladies. They didn’t know I was coming and all three of them were pleasantly surprised. It was the first time two of them had gotten to see the twins in person (I’d met all three of them previously at some point in my 5 or so years in the group. Unfortunately, the babies got really fussy and we had to leave right after we ate (at least they let us eat!). The other girls said they stayed for another hour talking. *sigh* Wish we could have stayed.

There was one incident that was not so fun. As I was taking them to bed on Saturday night Kyla threw up ALL over me. All I could do was stand there looking dumbfounded. Lucas wanted me to hold him, but I was covered in puke. I handed him off to K & S, stripped Kyla and gave her to LD (who wiped her down with a wet paper towel), then went and changed my own clothes while Kyla and Lucas both screamed. Once I was dressed I took both of them while LD cleaned up the floor (I feel SO bad about that!). After it was cleaned up I found something else for Kyla to wear and got them in bed.

The drive there was okay. There was one point when they woke up and were hungry, but there were no restaurants along the highway for what felt like forever! Of course they started fussing right after I’d passed a big patch of civilization. πŸ˜‰ We finally stopped at McDonnalds (not my first choice, but it was all that was available) and had some lunch before finishing the drive. On the drive back, though, they were so exhausted from playing all weekend that they slept the entire way home and I didn’t stop at all! We just ate lunch when we arrived at the house.

Update 3-
I don’t know if it was the weekend away from home, a phase, or what, but I swear the twins have decided to start the “terrible twos” early. Kyla has at least one tantrum (usually 3-4) a day and will answer “no” to any question you ask. Lucas is clingy beyond belief (I can’t even get up to move across the room without him flying into my arms) and whines constantly. It’s driving N and me crazy! We’re trying to be good about ignoring it so that we don’t encourage it, but they really are stubborn.

Of course, things aren’t all bad. They are happy a lot of the day, really. And they are picking up language so fast! Last week they learned the word “door” and yesterday Lucas and I spent time finding every “door” in the house! LOL Unfortunately, they also learned the sign for “outside” (what was I thinking?!). Now they sign it all the time and get mad at me if I don’t let them go outside. I keep telling them it’s too hot, but I don’t think they agree. What’s funny is that is the one sign they don’t make the same way (many of their signs don’t actually look like what I show them, but they tend to be the same as each other). It took me a while to figure out what Lucas was trying to say because it looked a lot like “help.” The two signs look nothing alike normally! I guess it’s time to actually do something about getting a swing set or something. Right now the only thing to “do” outside is use the pool or sprinkler and find rocks and other “fun” things to put in their mouths. πŸ˜‰ It doesn’t really seem to bother them much, but I sure get bored! LOL

Well it seems the babies have woken up. Guess it’s time for the day to begin!


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