15 month (and 8 days) stats

We had the twins’ 15 month appointment today. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to feed the kids breakfast because they have not been waking up as early as they used to and we had an 8:30 appointment. We brought dried fruit and cereal bars with us, though, and planned to take them out to eat when the appointment was over. Only, that didn’t work out so well. They were cranky/fussy at the doctor’s office (though not TOO bad, just more than usual) and we ended up having to leave the restaurant right after our food arrived because they were screaming. 😦

Anyway, here are their stats:

weight- 23 lbs (50%)
height- 31 inches (63%)
head- 18.625 inches (85%)

weight- 23 lbs (25%)
height- 32.5 inches (84%)
head- 19.125 inches (84%)

I think it’s funny that they are the exact same weight, but L is an inch and a half taller than K. :snicker She’s got her little pot belly and he’s tall and skinny. She’s SO going to hate him. LOL And then, of course, there’s those massive heads. @@ LOL

I also talked to the doc about a bunch of things. I had to bring a list so I wouldn’t forget anything! Then I remembered things I’d forgotten to put on the list! LOL

Oh, and it looks like Kyla has a cold. 😦 She’s had a bit of a cough at night for a few days now, but last night she was up all night and started getting congested. This morning her nose is runny. *sigh* Hopefully she will get over it fast and NOT share with her brother.


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