Kyla has decided that she wants to use utensils. She will eat just about anything as long as she can use a spoon to put it in her mouth. And no, that doesn’t mean ME putting it in her mouth, she wants to do it. This would be great, except she has a hard time getting food onto the spoon herself. So she asks for help (yes, she signs it) after every bite. Which really puts a damper on my own eating. Lucas is trying to use utensils too, but he’s at least willing to use his hands when he can’t get help right away. Kyla just throws stuff on the floor. *sigh*

I think it’s great that she wants to eat like a “big girl” but I’m anxious for her to figure out how to do it all herself. And while they still end up pretty messy, it’s not quite as bad as it is when they eat with their hands… Until they put the bowl on their head, that is. 😉

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Filed under feeding, growth and development, Parenting, toddlers

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