My poor baby boy has to have surgery. 😦 He has had 4 ear infections (one that needed 2 rounds of antibiotics) since January, and even got one in the summer. Our pediatrician referred us to an ENT and that appointment was on Monday. First he had a hearing test, which showed that his hearing is muffled because of the fluid in his ears. Even though the infection is gone, he’s still got the fluid, which the doc says will probably turn into another ear infection and the cycle will continue. So he suggested ear tubes. Both N and FIL had to have tubes when they were little, so it’s really not a surprise, but it makes me sad. We haven’t scheduled it yet (still waiting on the insurance cards from N’s new job), but I imagine we’ll get it done in the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, N has seen ear tubes be put in and has told me how quick and easy they are. They won’t have to knock him completely out, even. And the doctor said they no longer recommend ear plugs for anything other than swimming in pond or lake water (because of possible contaminates), so hopefully Lucas won’t have the same aversion to swimming that his father has.

It’s interesting to me that Lucas gets sick so much easier than Kyla. I think I’ve taken Lucas to the doctor every month, but Kyla has mostly been just well visits. And even when she’s been sick it’s been easier on her than on Lucas. I guess Kyla got her dad’s constitution and poor Lucas ended up with mine.


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2 responses to “Ears

  1. Cathy

    Tubes are not too bad at all. Doug had them. We used the earplugs for swimming and he loves the water still. He just never really liked diving deep because he could feel the pressure. Luckily he was 5 when we had the tubes put in.

    Good luck with all the job changes. Both of you will be great because you are FLEXIBLE! And great parents!!!!!

  2. Hi there. You dont know me- and vice versa but I have recently started reading your blog. I stumbled upon it and I was drawn to it- because I was once pregnant with twins and miscarried. I love hearing about twins- I think its such a special bond.

    I have 2 kids of my own and 2 step children. My son is 13 months old and he had tubes put in his ears last month. He seems to be somewhat better. It’s a no big deal surgery in the world of surgeries- but anytime YOUR baby is put under anesthesia it seems like a big deal.

    My son was back to being himself the next day- but waking up from anesthesia was rough on him. Just be prepared for him to be confused and crying- when he wakes up- and luckily sleepy through out the rest of the day.
    Enjoy surfing your blog-

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