14 Months (Tomorrow)

Wow. It’s been almost a month since my last post. Oops. Sorry about that. Lots of stuff keeping us busy.

N started his new job on Monday. He’s just doing orientation so far and he’s SO ready to be on the floor. That won’t happen until Thursday of next week. Hopefully he can hold out until then.

I interviewed for a part time job at a local public library and was offered the job (did the drug screen yesterday and waiting on results). I have no idea yet when I will start and I’m nervous about how we’re going to work out our schedules, but I’m trying to leave it in God’s hands. I am keeping my online job as well, at least for the Fall semester. I figure this is one way I can whittle down some of our credit card debt. I just hope I don’t go crazy in the mean time!

The babies (toddlers?) just keep on learning new things!


Lucas has finally caught on that signing will help him get what he wants, and he’s also pairing the signs with sounds that are VERY close to the words he wants to say. I think he’ll be talking before we know it. Right now he signs and/or says “mi” (for milk) “mo” (for more), “ba” (for bottle), “bow” (he says this when referring to the dogs), “wa” (for water), “bu” (for bye), “mama,” and “dada.” I think that’s all right now.

Kyla is getting more and more frustrated when she can’t get us to understand what she wants (or we refuse to accept whining as “asking”). This girl can put some teenagers to shame, I’m telling you! She is SO stubborn. I got some animal crackers the other day (big ol’ tub) and she’s now decided she wants them ALL DAY LONG. But she’ll stand in front of the cabinet where they sat (I’ve since moved them) and whine. So I ask her “What do you want? Use your words.” and she continues to scream. Then Lucas walks over, says/signs “more” and I hand one to him and she goes even more ballistic. It’s kinda cute if you don’t actually have to hear the scream. Though, she has also started asking for items by name (using sign). She’ll ask for cheese or fish (goldfish) specifically. I’m not sure if I should show her the sign for cookie or not… I have a feeling it would be signed constantly! LOL Oh! And she also says “do” (for dog) and is finally saying “mama” a bit (she’s said “dada” for a long time already). She really uses whining and sign to communicate more than trying to sound out words. Which is probably why she’s so frustrated that we don’t know what she wants! Hopefully something will click soon because “Mama” can’t handle much more of the current tactics. 😉

Both of them are super walkers now. They still fall on occasion, but usually because they don’t watch where they are going and they trip over a toy or they get excited and get uncoordinated. They are both sort of running. A toddler run at any rate. It was funny. The other day Lucas stole a toy from Kyla, she screeched and went after him. He started “running” around the house and she chased after him. He thought it was great fun. She was not so thrilled. 😉

They love to dance. They’ve both figured out how to climb onto the coffee table to reach the stereo and turn it on. I’m trying to teach them the sign for “music” so they can ask me to turn it on, but so far no luck. They’re also climbing everywhere. Lucas already was, of course, but Kyla is joining in. I guess she doesn’t like being left out. I am having a battle of wills with her on standing on the chairs of their new table/chairs set from Grandma. Like I said, she’s stubborn.

Yesterday I took them to the mall for a “play date” with other twin moms. Only one other twin mom was able to come, it turned out, but we took our four kids to the play area there. It wore us out! All four of them wanted to go in different directions; climbing, crawling, running, and sliding all over the place. It wouldn’t have been so bad except there were a lot of bigger kids there (that really shouldn’t have been) and we felt like our kids were going to get trampled. We were right there with our kids the whole time, but none of the other moms were. They sat and talked while their kids trampled ours. We ended up leaving, though the kids were very disappointed. We talked about seeing if we could work out a play date at a place that is more regulated so that the only other kids would be little like ours. Hopefully that will work out.

These two kids are definitely related to me! They love their Mexican food! We’ve been to a few Mexican restaurants the last couple of weeks and they pack away the rice and beans like it’s going out of style. They also enjoy chips and salsa. Oh! And they’ve discovered drinking out of a straw from a cup. We had gone out to eat with family and got them a kid’s meal to share. It came with a drink, so I ordered milk for them. It was in a cup with a lid and a straw. Kyla drank almost the whole cup of milk! Now, any time they see us drinking out of straws, they want some. It’s pretty funny.

The clingy stage seems to be behind us (for now) and both of them love to see family and friends. Strangers quickly become friends as well. At the mall yesterday, Kyla waved at every person we passed. She looked so disappointed if they didn’t wave back! Thankfully, some did.

When we eat out they spend half their time pigging out (they do eat well!), and the other half checking out everyone around them. Inevitably one of the nearby tables will get to interact with one or both of them; smiling and waving. Everyone has nothing but compliments to give us about our kids, which really does make us feel good. 🙂

I am absolutely fascinated with how much they learn every day. They are at such a fun age and I enjoy (almost) every moment. We are so truly blessed that it amazes me!


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