Too cute!

As you (should) know, being a librarian I have a pretty healthy love of books. Which, I am hoping will get passed on to my kids. I’ve made it a point to read to my kids frequently, even if they weren’t really paying attention because I knew that at least they were being exposed to the rhythm of language (and it sure beats talking to myself all day long, which I do a fair amount of too).

Recently Kyla has really gotten interested in books. Two weeks ago we checked out some books from the library and one of them was in a series called “Baby Faces” where every page is a picture of a real baby making various facial expressions. She LOVED this book. Every time I’d open to a new page, she’d start to giggle. She would dig through the library bag and discard every other book until she found that one, then she’d bring it to anyone in the room. She was particularly fond of taking it to anyone who was visiting. I was worried she’d be upset that we were returning that book today, but we managed to get two more books from the series in its place. Plus, another author has a series of books that is very similar, and we checked out two of them as well. However, Kyla seems to be more drawn to the first series (familiarity, maybe?) and continues to pull those two books from the bag. One of them is called “Eat” and has pictures of babies covered in various foods. As I was reading it to her this afternoon, she started to pretend to eat the foods on the page, making the “eating” sound Mommy and Daddy make when they pretend to eat something she offers! LOL It was SO cute.

Then, if that wasn’t cute enough, this evening I was sitting in my recliner and she came over and motioned that she wanted to sit in my lap. She snuggled in so sweetly and I asked her “Do you want me to read you a book? If you go get one, I’ll read it to you.” To my surprise, she immediately scooted off my lap and walked right over to the library bag. She pulled out two books (Baby Face books, of course) and brought them to me! We sat and read the books over and over (when they only have 2-3 words a page, it doesn’t take long). We sat reading for at least 20 minutes. I was in Heaven!

Where was Lucas through all this, you might ask. Well, he was doing what Lucases do best… Climbing. He climbed into Daddy’s recliner, onto the table between our chairs, into their wagon… you get the idea. He also brought me a book to read, but then immediately left to go climb some more. πŸ˜‰

Here are a couple of pictures I got later (didn’t have the camera nearby originally). I just love that my baby girl loves books! One out of two isn’t bad. πŸ˜‰

Kyla reading with Mommy

That's a horse!

Forget books! I'm climbin'!

Ooh! Camera!



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2 responses to “Too cute!

  1. Lyzz Buda

    So great that your little girl likes books! I have b/g twins as well and my little girl is the one obsessed with books. She points at the bookshelf and says “bu, bu” I really think she is trying to say book. We read to her ( and her brother) almost every night and maybe its finally paying off:)

    • heartjourney

      You know, I’m realizing that Lucas likes books too. He just likes to be climbing something while I read them! πŸ˜‰

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