Exciting News!!!

For awhile now, N has been unhappy at his job. He loves the people he works with, but management has not been treating their floor nicely for a long time. He comes home frequently stating he needs to find a new job. Well, he finally followed through on that statement and applied for a position at the local Heart Hospital. And he got the job!!!!! I’m so stinkin’ excited for him. Not just because it’s my favorite hospital that I’ve had the “pleasure” of staying in, either. 😉

No, I’m excited because it opens up so many more opportunities for him to grow in this profession. He got into nursing because he wanted to work with heart patients. When he took the job on the telemetry floor, he expected to be working with heart patients. But the hospital has turned the floor into a geriatric trauma and spillover floor instead.

Also, he’d like to eventually work as either a Nurse Practitioner for an Electrophysiologist, or become a pacemaker programmer. Both of these things will require more exposure to heart patients (which he’ll obviously get at the Heart Hospital) and experience in ICU and/or an EP lab. He hopes to eventually transfer to these parts of the Heart Hospital to gain the experience he needs.

I’ll also admit to being excited that his commute will be cut in half. He says that doesn’t matter to him, but I will rest much easier knowing he’s able to take all surface streets if need be when the roads are icy.

He turned in his resignation last Friday. Everyone at work said they were very sad to see him go, but understood completely. He’s made some good friends at work, and hopefully he will continue to see them socially. I know he’d be very sad if he didn’t. He starts orientation for his new job the first week of August. I know he’s both excited and nervous about this new adventure. I have confidence that he will make himself at home there, just like he has everywhere else he goes. 🙂


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  1. Cathy

    Congratulations to Nathan! Being closer to home is a big deal!

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