Movers and Shakers

Boy are the twins getting good at walking! They are all over the place. They are starting to use walking as more of a mode of transportation than just a neat trick to entertain Mom and Dad. Their poor feet, though, are starting to peel. Not sure why. So I’m trying to be better about putting shoes on them (especially if we’re going somewhere), but we only have one pair for each of them. I guess I need to figure out how to go shoe shopping for kids. Yikes!

And of course, Lucas continues to improve his climbing skills as well. @@ His favorite thing to climb onto is the kitchen table! We try to keep the chairs all pushed in, but he still finds ways to get up there. And he’s FAST. One minute he’s playing in the living room or play room (we converted the dining room into a play room), and next thing we know he’s on top of the table again! And Kyla’s started to help him by pushing the chairs out for him. *sigh*

The last two Mondays we have gone to Story Time at the library. I’m loving it. Also, they have a summer reading program for 0-4 year olds! So I signed them up and we’ve been working our way to earning a free book and a certificate! šŸ˜‰ Each box has a choice of 3 activities to fulfill that day’s requirement. One of the choices was to learn a fingerplay, so I started singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Where is Thumbkin” to them and doing the hand motions. It’s so cute watching Lucas try to do “Where is Thumbkin.” And when I start to sing, Kyla starts to dance! She was dancing at Story Time yesterday, and clapped her hands, which tickled the librarian. šŸ˜€ Everyone keeps telling me I’m brave for taking them both to Story Time by myself, but I really wanted them to go and I have no other choice but to do it alone!

Each time we’ve gone to the library, we’ve checked out several board books. N said I was being silly because the babies didn’t know what we were doing. But I told him I want it to be normal for them. I want it to be as natural as getting a book from their own bookshelf. Plus, I discovered something about Kyla that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise! One of the books we got this last time has pictures of babies’ faces on each page. She LOVES that book! Any time she sees a baby’s face, she starts laughing. It’s so cute! So now I know to get more books like that for her to “read.”

I’m also trying to establish a routine for them on how to take care of library books. Instead of keeping them with all their other books (in the bins by the shelves), we will keep them in our “library bag.” And any time we aren’t reading them, they go back in that bag. The bag stays by the back door so that we will remember it the next time we go to the library! But they are always welcome to go and get the books at any time (which they did today). I know they may not fully understand what we’re doing right now, but by setting it up early, I hope they will really enjoy going to the library and know how to take good care of the books we check out.

Between Story Time on Mondays, Scribbles and Dribbles on Thursdays, and Play Group every other Friday, my kids are starting to get socialized beyond our family! It’s always interesting to watch them interact with other kids. They’ve got each other, but I also think it’s important for them to know how to interact with people outside their family.


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