Father’s Day

Today is N’s second Father’s Day. The first one was kind of a blur, since the babies were only a couple of weeks old and we were getting little to no sleep. I don’t even remember if I managed to get him a card (I’m thinking I didn’t, since I didn’t really go anywhere at that point). So this year I wanted to make up for it.

It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do. I wanted it to be from the kids, but obviously they don’t have selection skills at this point, so I had to make a decision for them. I had a friend who suggested making plaster hand prints for him, so I started looking into that. The kits were at least $14 a piece and I wasn’t totally sold on the idea. So I started looking at other “handprint” kits and saw one that was 4 small canvases painted in solid primary colors with a single handprint in the middle of each. I thought it looked pretty cool, but didn’t see the point of buying a kit when I could probably do it myself. Only, I wasn’t positive I’d be able to get a clear handprint from each of the kids. At that point I decided I’d have the kids create their first work of art using finger paint. I bought a 4 pack of canvas and a 6 pack of tempera paint for less than $10 (take that, kits! 😉 ).

On Friday morning, right after breakfast, I took the kids out to the backyard where I’d spread a drop cloth. They were wearing nothing but diapers. I plopped a bit of green paint on each of the canvases and encouraged the babies to play in it. They were hesitant at first. But I think the fact that they had played with paint a bit at Scribbles and Dribbles the day before helped.

Getting started

Getting started

Once the green was spread around a little, I added yellow, then red, and finally blue. The babies’ legs, bottoms, hands, and faces were covered in paint! 😀 Kyla started getting really into it, sitting on the canvas and eating the paint. 😉

Natural Artist

Lucas decided he was done and headed for the house. I suppose he figured you couldn’t perfect perfection and the art, in his minds eye, was complete. 😉 I packed the kids and supplies up and took them back in the house for a bath. Thankfully, the paint had mostly dried, so we didn’t get any on the house. 😉 And it washed off easily, too.

It is done

I decided to give one to N, one to FIL, and one to my dad. We gave N his this morning. He really liked it. 😀 I also got cards from each of us (which they “signed” themselves 😉 ). Tonight we will be giving FIL his. I know he’s going to love it. 😀

For Dada

For Papa

For Gramps




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3 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. Lori Shugart

    Very good idea! I think that is so neat and I think they really enjoyed doing it too! They should treasure them forever!

  2. Cathy

    It is very apparent to me that all activities for the twins end up with a bath. Good thing they seem to like the water. What a BUSY month you have had! Well maybe just busier than usual! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lyzz Buda

    Awesome idea! I love it! Pictures that I’m sure the recipients will love.

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