Attached at the hip

Oh. my. goodness. I miss my sweet little babies that were happy going to anyone, flirting with strangers, and content to play while I work. Those days appear to be gone (at least for now). Kyla screams any time I walk away (even just to the other side of the room) and I have to pry Lucas’s arms and legs off of me any time I try to put him down. We went to Target today and I had a terrible time keeping them sitting down in the cart, not to mention stopping Kyla from screaming. I can’t go anywhere in the house without one or both of them following me and crying to be picked up, wrapping themselves around my legs if I don’t. Every now and then I can get them interested in playing in their cottage, but that only lasts a little while before they are back to whining to be held. OR, Lucas is climbing up on top the dinner table, proud as can be. *sigh* I don’t like toddlerhood. Where did my babies go? 😦

Oh, and they are both definitely toddlers now. Kyla started walking Sunday night (well, LD claims she walked at the party, but I don’t know if I believe her 😉 ) and has been walking like crazy since. She’s also been signing a lot more, points to things, and nods or shakes her head to yes/no questions. So while I do see some progress going on, I sure do feel like we’ve moved backwards in some regards. Just when I thought things were getting easier… Guess that shows me for thinkin’. :p


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  1. LaDonna

    Hey now! I wasn’t the only witness to that, if you remember! In fact, I’m not even the one who originally mentioned it! 😛

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