To Party or Not to Party

That is the question… Yesterday was the twins’ 1 year checkup. They’d had an awful night’s sleep the night before and when she woke up, Kyla was quite warm. She also would not eat breakfast and drank little milk. Sure enough, when we got to the doctor’s, her temp was slightly elevated (99.5) and the doc said her throat was red, as was Lucas’s (and he had sores on his throat). Great! So do we cancel the party, or go on as planned? The doctor said she didn’t think it would be a problem to go ahead with the party, as they would probably be feeling better by Saturday (two days away). I sent an email to the family members who were planning to come letting them know what was going on and that I understood if they chose not to attend. Everyone who responded said they’d take their chances.

Today both Kyla and Lucas were acting like they didn’t feel well. Lucas felt like he was the one with the elevated temp, but Kyla’s was back to normal. She even started acting more normal after her morning nap (which Lucas didn’t really take) and ate quite a bit of lunch. Lucas did not. He has been miserable all day. šŸ˜¦ In the afternoon, Kyla started getting tiny red dots all over. Mostly on her feet, some on her legs, torso, and hands. Only one on her face. Seeing as they got their vaccines yesterday, our first thought was an allergic reaction. I took her in to the doctor and was assured that it is not a reaction to the vaccine, but most likely an extension of whatever virus has her throat sore (this time the doc noticed sores on her throat as well). *sigh*

I called my sister (who had just arrived in town and was at the hotel) to let her know what was going on. We decided to give the babies another day to get to feeling better, rather than have dinner together tonight. Instead they went to dinner with our grandparents, aunt, and uncle. Not sure what my brother and his wife did.

Of course, this at least gave us a chance to get a little more prep for the party done, since our progress was significantly slowed by the sick babies. Part of us wonders why we’re even bothering, since it’s possible the babies will be miserable the whole time people are here. But at the same time, people have come in from out of town and we have all this food… I guess we’ll be going through with it. I just pray the babies are feeling better in the morning!

Oh, yeah! And I almost forgot to post their 1 year stats:

Height- 29 in (45%)
Weight- 20 lbs 2.1 oz (32%)
Head- 18.5 in (92%)

Height- 30.5 in (71%)
Weight- 21 lbs 13.6 oz (34%)
Head- 19 in (92%)

So apparently our kids have really big heads. šŸ˜‰


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