One Year

I’m sure you’ve all be anxiously (or not so anxiously) awaiting my post today. After all, today is a very significant day. If you don’t know what day this is, you haven’t been reading long enough. 😉 Just kidding… Today, N and I have been parents for one year. 😮

It has taken me until this evening to write this up because I’ve been thinking all day about what I should write. I could write about all the amazing things I’ve learned about my beautiful children in the last year. I could wax nostalgic about this day one year ago. Or I could get misty talking about all the struggles we’ve survived this past year. But I don’t really want to do that. Because I don’t think I could ever do any of those topics justice. There’s just too much to say. So instead, I decided to write about how we spent Kyla and Lucas’s first birthday.

I heard N moving around at 6:30 this morning and was shocked that the kids were not stirring as well (6:30 is their usual wake up time, though I don’t generally go in to get them until 7:00). N headed for the garage and told me not to get the kids out of bed until he returned. He was off to get donuts for a birthday breakfast. No sooner had he closed the door, than the first sounds of babble were heard. Of course! LOL

When N got home we went into the room together, singing “Happy Birthday to you” to a couple of very confused looking one year olds. 😉 They were, of course, very happy to see their daddy, since they hadn’t seen him since Thursday (we’d gone to Houston for their cousin’s 3rd birthday party). We then strapped them into their high chairs to try their first donuts, apple fritters, kolaches, and chocolate milk (all N’s idea). While all appeared to be a hit, it was the apple fritter that made Kyla sign “more” with enthusiasm! LOL

Birthday Breakfast- Kyla
Birthday Breakfast- Lucas
We spent the morning very much like we do most mornings. Though every now and then we’d throw in a “Yea for one!” or sing “Happy Birthday” to them again. 😉 We put them down for their nap around 9:30 and Kyla woke up by 10:30. Not the longest of naps, but it was okay. Lucas continued to sleep until 11:00.

When he awoke we packed the family up and headed out to Chick Fil A for their birthday lunch of nuggets, waffle fries, and an icedream cone! Yum!

Birthday Icecream- Kyla
Birthday Icecream- Lucas
Following lunch we took the birthday babies to Toys R Us so they could “pick out” their birthday present. “They” chose a collapsible Playhut that has three “rooms” with two connecting tubes. It also came with 50 colorful balls to play with. I guess the excitement was too much for Kyla. While we were checking out, she fell asleep in the stroller! When we got home everyone was wide awake, so we put together the Playhut (more like, let it spring open and then tied it together. LOL). The babies loved it!

Birthday present
Birthday fun
Once again, it was nap time. We put them down around 2:45 or so. Kyla woke up first again. This time at 3:30. Definitely not a long enough nap, but she refused to settle back down. Lucas woke up at 4:00, which was also a little early, but not as bad. We all played some more, ate some snacks (Kyla REALLY liked the Ritz crackers I fed them), and explored the house (now that they are free to roam instead of confined to the living room).

For dinner N made Chicago style deep dish pizza (Yum!). Both babies enjoyed it in their own way. Lucas just shoveled it all in, got too much in his mouth and had to spit it out. Kyla examined every morsel before biting into it. It’s funny how differently they approach… well, everything!

Birthday pizza-Lucas
Birthday pizza- Kyla
After a much needed bath, we fed them bottles and let them play some more. The giggling and laughter were such music to my ears! And to think… One year ago today I was spending my first of many sleepless nights listening to the quiet snoring of my baby boy snuggled up next to me in a hospital bed as I comforted him in my arms, and the same wonderful sound coming from my baby girl in N’s arms beside me on a small, uncomfortable cot. Also music to my ears. 🙂

The birthday babies



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2 responses to “One Year

  1. Kristin

    Wow! It’s crazy how fast this past year has went! My boys will be 1 in 7 weeks! I swear it is because we have twins.

    ~*Happy 1st Birthday Kyla and Lucas!*~

  2. Lyzz Buda

    Happy Birthday to the little ones! Love the playhut. We got the same one for our b/g twins on Sunday. They are 14 months and adore it! We only have the main one set up because we just don’t have the room for the rest but they LOVE it. You have some beautiful babies:)

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