First Plane Trip/11 months/First Mother’s Day

First Plane Trip

Yes, it’s been a busy couple of weeks! Last week the babies took their first plane trip. We flew to FL to visit SIL and her new baby. The plane ride there wasn’t TOO bad. N had Kyla (who didn’t cry at all) and I had Lucas (who cried about 50% of the trip). We had to sit on opposite ends of the plane because 2 lap children are not allowed to be in the same row. The part that stressed me out the most, though, was going through security. Because of my defibrillator, I can’t go through the metal detectors. So that left N going through with both babies. You can’t push them through in a stroller (those go through the x-ray machine) and neither of the babies can walk yet, so once he was through he had to figure out how to get the strollers out and sit the babies in them while holding both babies (I was busy getting a pat down). He managed, but it sure did stress me out beforehand. I get that from my mother’s side of the family.

The hardest part of the trip, though, had to be naps. The babies just wouldn’t take them. At least, not in the hotel room. If we got into the car, they were out before we’d left the parking lot. They even managed to fall asleep in their strollers when we wandered around Downtown Disney. Which we did several times because they would get restless in the hotel room and climb into their strollers as if to say “Let’s go!”

We obviously spent some time at SIL’s apartment as well. But it was difficult to keep the twins out of trouble and we really didn’t want to be a bother to SIL while she’s getting used to being a mom (her son came home the day before we got there! :D). It was also difficult to feed the babies at her place because we didn’t have high chairs or booster seats for them, so the dogs kept trying to steal their food.

The plane ride back was easier, yet harder. N and I were able to get seats by each other (N was right behind me) and it just so happened that the seats next to us were empty, so the babies had more room to move around. That made it easier, but neither baby slept at all, which made it harder (well, Kyla fell asleep right as we landed). Lucas ended up crying as we landed. I assume his ears were bothering him. 😦 I know mine were!

11 Months

While we were gone the babies turned 11 months old. Here’s what they’re up to:

Lucas loves to climb. He recently discovered he can climb on top of the shelves in the living room. Which has meant quite a few rearrangements of both furniture and shelf contents. There is currently nothing on the bottom shelf (which is actually a cabinet) and both Kyla and Lucas love to sit or lay on it. They spent a lot of time climbing while we were in FL. They were all over the place. And they have discovered that cabinet doors open and contain lots of fun goodies to get into. We really need to get latches on the cabinets now!

Lucas climbing the shelves


Playing at All Star Sports

Playing at All Star Sports

We’re pretty sure that Lucas is associating “Mama” with me and “Dada” with N. He also says “Ba” occasionally, and we think this is for “bottle.” Of course, we could be just projecting. 😉 Kyla still nods and shakes her head and I’m pretty sure she knows what they mean now. She hasn’t really been using her signs like she was, though, which makes me sad. Hopefully she’ll start using them again so we can understand what it is she wants. Right now her favorite form of “communication” is to screech. It’s annoying, to say the least.

They have their ups and downs with eating. While we were in FL it seemed that Lucas wasn’t eating much and Kyla only dug into two meals the whole week. But now that we’re back they seem to be scarfing food down like crazy, which is awesome. Makes me feel like maybe my cooking’s not so bad. 😉 They really loved last night’s “Tex-Mex Lasagna” that I made. They still take 5 bottles a day, but they seem to be eating smaller amounts than they were. Oddly enough, the bed time bottle seems to be the one they need the least. I’m trying to figure out how to transition them to drinking milk from a cup instead of a bottle, but so far have not had success. I need to give it a try again, but wanted to wait until we’re back in our own routine.

Eating Mickey Waffels

Eating Mickey Waffels

While we were in FL sleeping was not going well at all. For the first time since they were 3 months old, they each ended up sleeping with us at least once. In order to get them to go to sleep at all we had to hide in the bathroom until they quieted down. It was not fun at all. However, here at home they are pretty good sleepers. The last few days all it takes is me turning on their sound machine (next time we’ll be bringing it on any trip we take!) and laying them down. They settle in without a problem for the most part. Occasionally they talk to each other for a little while before finally going to sleep, but no major melt downs like we had in FL, thank goodness! Tonight and tomorrow night they’ll be sleeping at FIL’s house. Not sure how that will go. They really seem to prefer their own beds over pack ‘n’ plays.

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day N, the babies, and I tried Sanaa, one of the Restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge for the first time. It was neat sitting next to the window and seeing giraffes and other animals so close! The kids weren’t too interested in eating or the animals, though.

At the end of the meal I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back I happened to get a glance of Kyla’s head. There were two very pronounced DENTS in her head! 😮 I showed them to N and we both started to freak out. She had fallen off the bed in the hotel room a couple of times and we were scared she’d broken her skull somehow. She wasn’t acting any different, though, so we weren’t sure what to do. We ended up putting a call in to the nurse hotline for their pediatrician. She said that if she wasn’t acting differently, it was probably okay to wait and see rather than rushing off to an ER. Later, we were telling SIL about it and when we went to show her the dents, they were gone! Apparently she had been resting her head on the table and it caused temporary dents and took a few years off N’s and my life!

Head Dents

Can you see the dents?

That night, N cooked dinner for all of us (fried rice and beef stir fry. YUM!). We also gave SIL some photos I had printed from her son’s first couple of days. It was kind of neat that we were both celebrating our first Mother’s Day together.

Other Stuff

The babies also got to ride on a bus and a boat for the first time. They were mostly content flirting with other passengers or falling asleep, but when things weren’t moving fast enough they got a bit fussy. Not too bad, though.

Disney Transportation

Disney Transportation

They also got to try swimming for the first time. They went back and forth on liking it. They liked it when we had them “chase” each other. I’m hoping to get them a wading pool for the backyard that we can play in this summer. I think they’ll like it.

First swimming pool

First swimming pool

And probably Lucas’s favorite “first” from our trip was his first taste of ice cream. Kyla wasn’t quite as fond of the ice cream, but she did like the waffle bowl!

Ice Cream Euphoria

Ice Cream Euphoria

Waffel Bowl

You mean you can eat the bowl?



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2 responses to “First Plane Trip/11 months/First Mother’s Day

  1. Cathy

    Stressed me out just reading the airplane stories. Sounds like you had a BUSY, but great trip. It is so hard to believe that just a year ago they hadn’t even arrived yet! Big event coming up Birthday Number One!!!!! How the new cousin is doing well.

  2. Jennifer

    It looks like you had a great trip aside from the airport and airplane, I hate flying. They are both getting so big. Bumps are always scary. I’m glad that it wasn’t anything serious. Congrats on your new nephew.

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