Cracking us up!

We seem to be coming to a point when having two at a time is actually more fun than just one. These two are cracking us up! Some examples of their fun interactions:

N said that the other day Kyla was standing up between his knees while he sat in his chair. Lucas came over and started to pull up on Kyla. She started laughing. So Lucas started rubbing his face on her tummy, tickling her and making them both laugh. 😀 I wish I’d been there to see it!

Today they were playing on either side of an S shaped activity table that we have. There is a curved bar with three monkeys on it that can be slid back and forth. Lucas was sliding the monkey and Kyla was trying to lick it. They were both laughing so hard. But when I laughed they both looked at me like “What are you looking at?” then went back to laughing at each other.

Next thing I know, Lucas is sitting on Kyla, laughing and when she gets up her head is drenched and her hair is sticking up in all directions. It looked like he had tried to nibble on her head!

They are entertaining each other more and more and it’s rare that they are not right by each other while they play. As I type, they are both studying the Tonka Dump Truck they discovered in the closet the other day (it used to be N’s). Where one goes, the other is sure to follow! And it always sounds like they are talking to each other. ❤

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One response to “Cracking us up!

  1. LaDonna

    This just makes my heart melt. They are so precious!

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