Ten Months!

Wow! How is it that N and I have been parents for ten months already?!? Just doesn’t seem possible. But we’re certainly loving it, even when things are not going perfectly. We both marvel at how wonderful they are and are fascinated by their constant learning. Amazing!

No doctor’s appointment this month (except to check K’s head next week), so I won’t be posting any stats. But I thought I’d let you in on all the things they’ve learned to do this month.

Talking and communication:

Neither has really and truly said their first word yet, but their babbling seems to have a little more consistency to it. Kyla makes a “yea” sound when she claps. It’s so cute! Lucas is saying “Mama” though I don’t think he’s associated the word with me yet (Kyla says it too, but usually when she’s crying). And both are saying “ba-ba-ba” a lot! They “talk” to each other and to us a lot.

They are also are learning to use their signs better. Lucas signs “milk” while eating it, but Kyla uses it more when she’s asking for it. Kyla can also sign “eat,” “all done,” “hi/bye,” and has an “oh no” face that she shows when we say the words (hands on either side of her face). Lucas shakes his head “no” at everything, grinning from ear to ear. Kyla can both nod and shake her head, so at times it feels like she’s actually answering us! The other day I swear we had a whole conversation with me asking her yes/no questions and she answered them appropriately!


Right now we seem to be at a low point, eating-wise. First was their discovery that it’s fun to throw food on the floor for the dogs to snatch up, then the stomach virus hit and put them off eating anything at all. They are eating again, but Kyla frustrates us with her “don’t even try it, just drop it on the floor” routine. We can sometimes manage to get her to eat it if we tell her “no” as she starts to toss a food item. But it doesn’t always work. And it seems the only thing she will eat are cheerios and an occasional piece of bread and croutons. Lucas is better at actually putting food in his mouth, but he does his share of dropping too. I’m ready for this stage to be over so we can start dropping some of the bottle feeds. I tried giving them milk in a sippy cup yesterday and Lucas got a bunch in his mouth, then opened it and let it all pour down his front! *sigh*


They are into everything now. They crawl super fast, love to climb (especially onto the fireplace and speaker) and Kyla has even figured out how to unplug the power strip for the entertainment center. @@ They are doing more “cruising” (walking while holding onto furniture), but don’t seem to like it when we hold their hands and try to get them to walk. Both can stand for a good while without holding on to anything, and can even stand up in the middle of the room without anything to pull up on! I even witnessed Kyla doing so while holding a toy in her hands. According to my mother, they’ve got it backwards. They should walk before standing in the middle of the room (guess no one told them πŸ˜‰ ). But apparently my brother did the same thing and didn’t walk for 2 more months. I don’t think walking is that far off, but we shall see. N thinks Kyla is going to walk first because she’s more apt to walk holding his hands, but I’m not sure. Part of me is excited to have them start walking, but most of me thinks it would be much better for all involved (namely, me) if they wait a while longer. πŸ˜‰ Of course, knowing my luck, they’ll start walking while I’m out of town for TLA!

Love and affection:

They are both such sweet kids. Lucas gives great hugs and Kyla will “blow kisses” (though she’s probably just imitating a sound, not really “kissing”). Yesterday morning the two of them were playing together and it was so cute to watch. Of course, seconds later they both wanted the same toy and a fight ensued. Kyla is getting more aggressive about not liking it when Lucas takes things from her and is fighting back. Tuesday night in the tub I thought I was going to have to take the hippo toy away for good!

N and I adore every bit of these two kids and cannot imagine our lives without them. Even if it would make things like traveling easier (N really wants to take a trip to England in September, not to mention wanting to go visit SIL and her new baby next month). I can’t think of a single job that is more challenging or rewarding than being a parent. I thank God and LD for giving us the opportunity to take on the challenge.


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  1. LaDonna

    It was my pleasure…and I’m sure it was His as well. πŸ™‚ I love you guys!

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