Update on The Virus and other things

So this thing is nastier than nasty. The babies are finally over it, for the most part (still working on getting the eating back on track), but it’s been passed on to other members of the family. MIL and her sister got it Sunday. Then my grandfather and uncle got it Tuesday! This virus takes no prisoners! N had a milder form (no vomiting) several weeks ago, so I can only hope that he was immune and will not get the stronger form. Surely he won’t at this point (knock on wood).

As for Easter, we spent most of it at home. N was working, so there wasn’t much point to making a big production out of it. The babies and I did go to lunch with my grandparents and aunt and uncle, but then came back home. The pics you see in the smilebox are staged, I’m sorry to say. I simply put the Easter basket MIL gave them on Saturday in front of them to play with while I took pics, then the eggs were from last year and I just handed them to the twins for the pictures. At least they look cute! 😉 I had wanted to take them to the Arboretum to get pictures, but first they were sick, then MIL (who was going to go with us) got sick. So I just used the flowers in the back yard. At least they were looking good!


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