Day 4 of diarrhea

Yes, the diarrhea just won’t go away. Thankfully we have only had one more incident of vomit (which N got the pleasure of cleaning on Tuesday), but we’ve been through an entire box of wipes, half a case of diapers, and poor Lucas’s bottom is so raw it’s bleeding. 😦 I finally took them to the doctor this morning. Every time I thought about taking them, they’d act like they were on the mend, so I’d put it off. This morning I decided I wasn’t going to do that any more. Of course, there was not much the doc could do. She gave me advice for Lucas’s bottom and assured me that they are not dehydrated and then gave us a prescription for a probiotic in the hopes of shortening the diarrhea’s duration. But she did say it’s not unusual for babies to have diarrhea for a week or more and she expects they will still have it through the weekend. Great. We’re supposed to go to Easter lunch with my grandparents on Sunday. I hope I won’t be spending the whole meal in the bathroom cleaning up diarrhea.

Fortunately, they are mostly acting as if nothing is wrong. Lucas does spend a lot of time whining and crying, but when he starts it generally means he either needs a nap or another diaper change (which starts another kind of crying that simply breaks my heart). When the whining starts really getting to me, I’ve been taking them out to the back yard. It seems to calm both them and me down. It’s been gorgeous outside the last few days and I had intended to take them to the Arboretum on Wednesday with my MIL to get some Easter pictures, but clearly that didn’t happen. Maybe we can get some next week, even if Easter will be over.

Tonight my MIL is coming over to watch the twins so that I can go to a MoM board meeting. N usually asks for Thursdays off so that I can go to my meetings, but this week it was not possible. I am so glad MIL will be able to do this, as I am very much in need of a break. N has a hard time “getting” why I’m so burned out and asks me what I want him to do, getting frustrated when I say “nothing.” It has nothing to do with him doing more or less, I just need a break. Hopefully tonight will refresh me and I’ll be able to tackle tomorrow with more energy.

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