Puke and diarrhea

So the stomach virus decided to move on from me… and into the twins. *sigh*

About midnight last night Kyla woke up coughing and crying. I knew there was something different about her cry, so I went to see what was wrong. She’d thrown up all over herself and the crib (and the floor). I grabbed her, stripped her down, and took her to the living room where I tried to settle her. She seemed okay, so I quietly cleaned up the bed (put the sheets in the laundry) and floor with her beside me (trying not to wake her brother, who was still sleeping). Rather than attempt to put sheets on her bed in the dark, I decided to bring her to bed with me. Big. mistake. She puked all over me and my bed. So once again, I stripped her down, changed my own clothes, and stripped the bed. Then I covered the recliner in towels and settled in for the two of us to sleep there.

Just as we were settled, Lucas woke up coughing and sputtering… Yep. He threw up too! So I started the whole routine again… strip kid, strip bed, clean floor… I attempted to have the three of us sleep in the recliner. That did not work at all. So, despite feeling like the worst mother ever, I put sheets on their beds and put them back down, closing the door on their (well, Lucas’s) cries, then went to put sheets on my own bed. By the time I finished putting my sheets on, they were asleep, thank goodness. It took awhile, but I finally managed to get back to sleep as well.

Come morning, they woke up just as they normally do. Talking and smiling. So I took advantage and got in the shower before getting them from their cribs. But when I left my bedroom and entered the living room, the SMELL hit me. It smelled like the most foul diaper imaginable. And when I opened their bedroom door it was even worse! And there was poop (diarrhea) EVERYWHERE! I almost gagged, it was so rancid. I managed to get Kyla cleaned up, but had to take Lucas to the bath tub, because he was just nasty. Once they were clean, I had to strip their beds AGAIN. I moved Kyla’s sheets from last night over to the dryer, then sprayed the poopy sheets with stain remover, and started a second load (I figured my sheets could wait, as I didn’t intend to mess up the new set on them, but the babies had gone through all four mattress pads and would need them for their naps). The first load finished just in time for their nap, and I found a waterproof pad that worked for the time being to put on the second crib while everything else went into the dryer.

Through the course of the day I changed 9 diarrhea diapers on Kyla, and 7 on Lucas. I thought things were improving, as they went a few hours without needing to be changed and Kyla finally ate some formula (she’d been eating very little all day). Then she sat up, looked at me with terror, and threw up all over the both of us (and the floor, of course). I tried SO hard to keep a smile on my face so she would not think I was mad at her, but MAN I was grossed out! So once again, I stripped my daughter and cleaned the floor. *sigh*

This was just before bedtime, so I went ahead and put both to bed. Every noise that comes from the monitor makes me jump, wondering if it’s another round of puke or diarrhea. I think this would have to be the absolute worst part of being a mother. Seeing your baby(ies) suffer like this. Not to mention having to clean it all up when you’re barely over the crud yourself.

And of course, N missed it all! :p


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One response to “Puke and diarrhea

  1. Lori Shugart

    So Sorry! I hope things are on the up side now.Good luck! Tell Nathan he owes you big time.

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