Wow, we’ve been busy! The twins and I had a great time with my nephew, sister, and BIL while they were here to see Thomas the Tank Engine. Then three days later I packed them up in the new van and we made the drive to Houston to visit with Mom, my brother & SIL, and my sister and her family again! We just got back to town yesterday afternoon.

While we were gone it was like something clicked in Kyla’s brain. We have been using a few simple signs with the babies from the beginning and on Thursday she signed “eat” to my SIL! The rest of that day and into the next she ate, and ate, and ate! I think she liked that she got a reaction from us every time we saw her sign. 😀 LOL The next day, she figured out how to sign “milk” and “all done.” And before the weekend was over she’d developed her own sign. She pats her tummy and says “Ah” when she wants us to tickle her! LOL It’s so cute. Lucas isn’t really signing yet, but every now and then I’ll catch him signing “milk.” Usually while he’s eating milk, but it’s a start!

I cannot believe how much the babies have learned in the past few weeks. They are both trying to stand without holding on to anything. They are successful for a few seconds before they either sit abruptly, or reach out and grab something again. We visited with a friend on Tuesday who has a grandson that is one month older than them, but has been walking since January. Since watching him they have both been trying even more! I guess they thought “If he can do it, so can I!” N is afraid they are going to start walking while he’s out of town this week. I have a feeling he could be right, but hope they can wait a bit for both our sakes (so N can see it, and so I don’t have to deal with WALKING babies on my own! LOL).

And I almost forgot to mention two of Kyla’s other “tricks” that she’s picked up. She nods her head! Lucas shakes his “no” but she nods “yes.” It’s so cute. Before we left N told her she looked like a bobble head and got her to do it on cue when he said “Bobble head.” I had fun showing that one off to everyone. LOL And in the car on the way down I kept “throwing” kisses back at them if they were awake. Particularly Kyla, since she can see me from her car seat. Well she started imitating me! She smacks “kisses” to us if we kiss to her. It’s so cute!



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2 responses to “Signing

  1. Tera Diamond

    That’s awesome that you are signing with the twins! We also signed with Ainsleigh early on (after she was about 4 weeks old). At 6 months she stood up in her crib-one especially upsetting and cranky night-and made the sign for milk! It was SO amazing and VERY helpful for mom and dad! Good luck with it. We even attended a Baby Signs class with her at about 9 mths. in Plano which taught us all a lot more. Good luck with it!

    • heartjourney

      I took sign as my foreign language in college, so I kinda know it already. But I have to keep reminding myself to teach N so he’ll know what they’re signing! LOL

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