It’s starting to look a little bit like Spring is upon us (then the weather changes it’s mind 2 minutes later). Both Saturday and Tuesday were absolutely gorgeous outside, so I took advantage and introduced the babies to the Great Outdoors (our backyard).

On Saturday I put a blanket in the grass and put them on the blanket. They were unsure of what to think of the grass and would not venture off the blanket at all.

What is this stuff???

I took so many fun pictures I ended up making a photo story out of them:

Click here to view this photo book larger

Then on Tuesday I took them outside for lunch and we had a picnic. They stole my food instead of eating their own, but I didn’t mind (that’s the nice thing about BLW). I didn’t get any pictures, though. 😦 Next time we have nice enough weather I plan to take them out again. But get some sunscreen on them first. Kyla looked a little pink when we came inside on Tuesday.

Oh! I have some exciting news today. We filled out all the paperwork to buy a minivan today! They didn’t have what I wanted on the lot, so they are bringing it in from Houston. We get to pick it up tomorrow! 😀 It’s a 7-passenger Salsa Red Toyota Sienna LE. It’s not the color I really wanted, but that’s okay. N says it’ll be like I’m driving the Bug, but on steroids! LOL I can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow afternoon.

It’ll be a big day tomorrow. In the morning will be the twins’ 9 month checkup (Monday was their official 9 months, but I was too busy that day to write it up 😦 ). I know they are doing great, but it will be fun to get their weights and heights. I’ve noticed that Lucas is much taller than Kyla again (she had caught up a little, but not anymore!).

I’ll be sure to post pics of the new vehicle and post the babies’ stats tomorrow evening.


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