House of Sick

Monday night N was not feeling well. He ended up calling in sick for Tuesday because his temp rose to 102 or something like that. He felt a little better on Tuesday, and on Wednesday he felt well enough to go to play games with his friends at Hobby Town. I was exhausted and chalked up my fatigue to the pain meds I was taking for my back. I went to bed shortly after putting the kids down and was asleep by 8:30. At 11 Lucas started fussing and eventually his fussing became more frantic. When I want to go get him I also grabbed a diaper, wipes and a change of clothes, because he had soaked through his PJs. As soon as I touched his bare skin I knew he had a fever. I took his temp and it was 104.3. 😮 I gave him Tylenol and texted N to let him know. He was already on his way home and suggested I call our pediatrician’s nurse hotline. I hadn’t even thought of that. I put in the call and got a call back after N was home and feeding Lucas a bottle. She suggested a slightly larger dose of Tylenol, to strip him down to his diaper, and to give him a cool bath or use a cool washcloth to help bring down the fever. N and I took turns sitting up with him because he couldn’t seem to settle down enough to sleep more than 20-30 minutes at a time, and only on one of us. He ended up eating a ton of formula throughout the night. It was a rough one for all of us. When Kyla woke at 7 she was slightly warm as well, so N took her temp. It was “only” 100.3. As soon as the pediatrician’s office opened I called to get both kids in to be seen.

Both kids were very lethargic and you could tell they felt awful. I was also feeling not so great, beginning to cough, and super tired from the lack of sleep. The nurse went ahead and took samples from both kids to rule out RSV. Thankfully, they both came back negative. After talking with the doctor and describing how N had been feeling combined with their symptoms, she decided to test for flu. They only tested Lucas, but he came back positive for Type A (assumed to be H1N1). We didn’t bother testing Kyla, since it was pretty certain she had the same thing. Lucas also had signs of an ear infection, which may explain why his fever was so much higher than his sister’s. We got prescriptions for Tamaflu (for both) and an antibiotic (for Lucas).

We dropped the prescriptions off and then N dropped me off at the house so I could take a nap and he drove the (already sleeping) babies around rather than wake them up by bringing them inside. Before my nap I called ahead to the local GP clinic to get on the list to be seen. Several hours later N was back home with the babies and I still hadn’t heard from the doctor’s office. So I called and asked how much longer they expected it to be. Apparently there had been a miscommunication and they didn’t realize I wanted to be on the list, just that I would be coming by. They said to come right away and they’d get me back as soon as possible. Luckily I did not have to wait long.

I explained that both of my kids had Type A influenza and I was showing symptoms as well. The NP did a flu test and it came back negative. But it was obvious I had something, not to mention the fact that we certainly don’t want me to get the flu if I don’t already have it. She prescribed Tamaflu for me and also an antibiotic to take only if I got worse.

I stopped at the pharmacy to drop off my prescription and to pick up the babies’. Only, Lucas got the last of the children’s Tamaflu and they didn’t have enough for Kyla. So I had to drive to another pharmacy to drop off that prescription. I then went back home to help N with the kids, who were extremely fussy while I was gone. Neither of them felt good and they didn’t understand why or that the medicine we were trying to force on them was to try to help them feel better.

They did manage to sleep in their own beds, though they would wake/stir a lot (thus, so did we). They did settle themselves down without us, though, thank goodness. This morning they both were doing better, though they still were a bit feverish. Their naps have been completely off, but at least they did nap.

I’ve felt like crud all day and have napped twice today. Thank goodness N called in to work again today. It would have been difficult to take care of both of the babies while feeling bad myself. The babies do seem to be much better this evening, though, and I’m pretty sure they’ve been fever free all afternoon. While still a bit fussy, they have also had moments of playfulness that were more like their normal selves. Now if I could just get back to feeling normal…

Hopefully the worst is behind us and we’ll all be feeling fit as a fiddle before N goes back to work on Monday.



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3 responses to “House of Sick

  1. Jennifer

    How scary, I hope your all feeling better soon.

  2. Cathy Manor

    I can’t believe you had enough energy to type all of that. How on earth did they get that flu!!!! The thrill of sharing all illnesses! Hope ALL are well soon!

    • Lori Shugart

      Hope you are all feeling better today! I stayed home today because of sinus. Should feel better tomorrow!

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