Busy weekend

This past weekend was crazy busy, starting with Thursday.

The day started with a “Play Date” with other twin moms at the mall. We met at the food court and the other moms were amazed that the twins were eating “real” solids rather than jars of baby food. πŸ˜€ They were very good and patient even when we were looking at clothes at the baby stores.

Then I dropped the kids off with N so I could run some errands. First I needed to get our registrations renewed for both vehicles. I got to the tax office, was waiting in line, when I realized I needed to pull out my current insurance card… And realized I didn’t have it. 😦 So I went all the way back home and searched high and low for a current insurance card. N found it and I went back to the tax office and waited in line again. As soon as I finished there I went to VW to get the oil changed in the Beetle and to get a quote so I could tell Mom how much to give us for it. I had to sit in the waiting room forever, and was worried I wasn’t going to make it to my next destination on time. I did get a “sort of” quote, but not really an official one.

Next was the monthly M.O.M meeting. First I had to swing by the house to get the jugs of tea I’d bought earlier, then I stopped at the grocery store to get Coke and Sprite, then I finally got to the meeting. There weren’t many people there this month, but I was glad to be there just to have the break. There was a new member at the meeting that I had not met (she came last month, but I was not there). I showed her pictures of the twins and she commented on how much they looked like me. Later I found myself talking about LD quite a bit, so I felt it might be a good idea to explain to her who that was. When I told her a surrogate had carried my twins she looked shocked and said “But they look just like you!” I said “That’s because they’re mine. She was just the carrier.” I think it took her a minute to understand. The main meeting was about relationships. Or more specifically, how to keep your “bucket” full and not kick holes in your partner’s “bucket.” I found the topic hitting much closer to home than I realized.

When I got home (around 9:30) I ate a quick dinner (Taco Bell) and then worked on grading the last 7 performances for the Storytelling class I TA. I finally got to bed at 12:30.

N was working, but I had a lot to get done. First thing in the morning the twins and I went to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for the dip and bread pudding we needed to make to take to a baby shower on Saturday. Soon after we got home the babies went down for their nap and I worked on some sewing/embroidery for an order I received a couple of weeks ago. I also worked on making the dip for the shower. The babies kept me pretty busy when they were awake, so I really only had their two nap times to get things done. I used that time for sewing, cooking, and dishes.

That evening LD and her hubby showed up! πŸ˜€ They needed to get away for the weekend and decided to come here so they could see the babies (and us πŸ˜‰ ). I had made dinner for them and they got to see the babies eat (sort of. They weren’t very interested that night). They stuck around until N got home, then went to their hotel.

The babies woke us up way sooner than we really wanted to wake up. Granted, it’s their usual time (6:30ish), but we were tired. While I fed them breakfast, N started making the bread pudding for the shower. Unfortunately, he realized he needed a few items that we didn’t have, so he had to go to the grocery store. The babies were napping by that point. While he was gone the babies woke up and I worked on getting them bathed and dressed. After feeding them bottles, it was time to head to the shower.

The shower was nice, but exhausting. The house was small and there were a LOT of people there, so we couldn’t really put the babies down on the floor. Occasionally one of N’s friends would take a baby for a little while, but we had them the majority of the time. It was funny, though, when I was trying to eat sausage balls and Kyla would take them out of my hands and devour them herself. πŸ˜€ I swear she ate about 10 of them (after I bit off about half)!

We left the shower about 4 o’clock and drove the LONG way to get to dinner at 5:30. We had plans to eat with LD and some other surrogacy friends, but wanted the babies to get at least a little sleep before subjecting them to even more stimulation. We ended up having to wait 45 minutes for a table, which was completely ridiculous. We had called ahead to let them know we’d be coming, but that didn’t seem to make a difference. There were 9 adults and 5 kids under the age of 2 waiting. We made sure to take up as much room next to the hostess desk as possible so they’d want to get us seated sooner. Thankfully, all the kids were relatively well behaved, considering. Once we got seated it still took a long time to get our food. Lucas kept trying to climb out of the high chair (didn’t matter that he was buckled in, he figured out how to get out of that!). We tried to keep them occupied with rice cakes and mandarin orange segments, but that got old to them pretty quickly. They did settle down a little after the food came and N gave them some steak and veggies.

We got home around 8:30 and got the kids to bed as soon after as we could. I was more exhausted than I think I’ve been in a long time.

Today we didn’t have to go anywhere, but we had a ton of people come here. MIL came by around 9 o’clock to pick up some boxes of boy clothes, diapers, the swing, and blue bouncy seat. Her BIL happens to be making a boat delivery in Florida and will be passing by where my SIL lives. We had been trying to figure out how we were going to get all this stuff to her (along with a stroller and high chair she had bought last time she visited and was storing at MIL’s house). This worked out really well, though I don’t know if he was able to fit all of it in his truck or not.

Just as MIL was leaving, an IM friend of mine who is expecting a little girl came by and I gave her a box of girl clothes, the pink bouncy seat, and a case of formula that we don’t need (we changed formulas right after Mom sent it).

The kids finally were able to get a nap around 10:20 (normally they go down around 9:30). I was so tired, I took a nap too. I woke up to a text from LD saying she and D would be grabbing some food, then coming over. The babies were still asleep, so I took the opportunity to eat some lunch and LD and D showed up just as I finished eating and the babies were waking up. Good timing! LD and D played with the babies and visited for an hour or so before heading home.

Soon after they left Lucas figured out how to consistently get past the chairs we have blocking the way to the entryway/dining room. As I was picking him up one time, my back suddenly screamed in pain and continued to hurt any time I picked one of them up. 😦 When I got the twins down for their afternoon nap I decided to lay down again (still exhausted and hoped it would help my back). I woke up after about 30 minutes and when I moved to get up my back felt even worse! 😦 I texted MIL to see if she could come back over, but I didn’t hear from her for several hours. When the babies woke up I tried my best to take care of them with minimal lifting, but Lucas was being very difficult, going where he didn’t need to be. So I called N’s aunt to come over to help.

The babies are in bed and my back is okay when I don’t move. N has a training class to attend tomorrow morning, though. I’m hoping my back is better. If not, I guess I’ll go to the doctor once he’s back home.

So that was our crazy busy weekend… Thank goodness we should have very little to do the next few days! I’m thinking I’m going to head to bed now. I’m STILL tired!


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  1. Cathy Manor

    OK, I’m exhausted just reading this! Take care of that back! Bill finally made me go see his chiropractor and I am much better! I don’t have little kids to chase around.

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